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You may be surprised, but the best diet to adopt is actually no diet at all!

Most nutrition experts and dietitians recommend instead to adopt a lifestyle that includes a combination of plenty of healthy food, exercise, rest, self care and "treat" food in moderation.  

Of course, if you are dealing with a food allergy, intolerance or medical condition (for example low FODMAP, gluten free, lactose intolerance, vegan or diabetes), then specific diets have a very important place. However, other diets such as clean eating, counting macroslow carbs, paleoketogenic and detox diets can be difficult to stick to, often impossible in social settings and, in many cases, lack vital nutrients. These diets can promote obsessive food behaviours which are damaging to mental health - commonly known as orthorexia. 
So, if you are looking to lose weight, it's worth seeing a non-diet approach dietitian who will help you learn to enjoy all foods, take you off the dieting merry go round, and improve your health for the long term. It really is a game changer. 

We Feed You and Dieting

Most of our ready-made meals are low in fat, salt and sugar and, when compared against other leading brands per 100g, are lower in kilojoules. However, we do not promote our meals as diet food because we know traditional weight loss diets don't work. When we started We Feed You, we wanted to created a product that reflected the type of healthy food we would make at home. Meals packed with real ingredients, quality protein, heaps of veggies and loads of flavour. We also wanted to offer portion sizes that ensure our customers are satisfied.

So yes, our ready meals are mostly low in fat, salt and sugar and this is how we like to eat at home most of the time. However, we also enjoy a glass of wine with our meal, a small bowl of ice cream or a cake with our coffee - from time to time. What is important is that we eat well most of the time and enjoy treat food sometimes without any sense of guilt.

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