Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Are you one of the 1/7 people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

If you are, you’ll already know that life with IBS is a constant rollercoaster ride (without the huge smile and the hilarity that is). Will you be up today? Will your gut be happy and well behaved? Will you be rushing to the toilet all day (or possibly worse – bloated and sore but unable to go at all)? Sometimes you might wake up wondering if you’ll even be well enough to get out of the house, and go about your day effectively. IBS really sucks. What can you do? Here’s the We Feed You IBS survival guide: 

  1. Don’t self-diagnose IBS!  See your GP and get a referral to a good gastroenterologist for a definitive diagnosis. Ask them for help in terms of medical management. You’ll feel much better just for knowing you’re being well managed and doing everything you can to avoid flare ups.
  2. Find an experienced dietitian who can help you, by looking at your diet, guiding you through any appropriate elimination and challenge schedules to investigate whether food intolerance is involved in your symptoms. Don’t try to do this part alone people! If your car needed fixing, you’d take it to a mechanic – right?
  3. Look at your stress levels, and your stress management techniques. Are you practising self care? Are you prioritising sleep and gentle exercise? Would it help to have someone to talk to, who could help you learn to manage your stress and your symptoms?
  4. Take a load off sometimes – you don’t have to do it all. We Feed You can help with balanced, delicious meals, delivered directly to your door. And did you know all our meals are gluten free, and that we have a range of low FODMAP meals? And they go from freezer to dinner table in 6 minutes. Hit the link in our bio to peruse the range!


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