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Also supporting Australian farmers and manufacturers.

Evidence based

Evidence based nutrition to cater for a range of dietary needs


Incl. recyclable paper board meal trays, sleeves and delivery boxes.


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Over 60+ great tasting meals. Enjoy discounts on every order. Min. order only 5 meals.


Our chefs prepare your meals using fresh local produce. Meals are frozen to lock in the nutrients.

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Heat in the microwave or oven, eat and enjoy the flavours (& pleasure of not cooking)!

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Save money on every order.

Enjoy $25 off your first order, $15 off your second, followed by up to 10-25% off every order. LEARN MORE >

We Feed You customers have one important thing in common - they know good food, made well!

Google Reviews

"I've had a great experience with We Feed You. I initially signed up because I wanted a gluten-free option for healthy portion-controlled meals to lose a couple of kilos. It not only did the trick, so many of the meals are delicious...."

Tennis Australia

"The Tennis Australia team loved the We Feed You meals throughout the 2023 Australian Open. We look forward to working with you again.' 

Heidi Atkinson, Logistics Assistant, Tennis Australia. 

Michelle Sweeney

"Luv these meals being a celiac it’s hard to find meals to eat that don’t contain gluten, delivery always quick ... the more you buy the more savings you get."

St Vincent's Public Hospital

"We Feed You has been a fantastic partner. Their wide variety of meals have been very popular and a huge support to nourish our hard working team during COVID. They are professional, responsive and easy to work with." Mustapha Elarafi, Executive Chef

Facebook reviews

"Honestly this is the best overall option for health/taste/value in comparison to all the other frozen meal options. Portion size is somehow filling whilst also moderate. It's both delicious and nutritious..."

Over 60+ hand crafted, chef prepared ready meals to choose from

From everyday healthy meals for work or home, to Friday night faves replacing expensive, unhealthy take-outs. We've got your meals covered. For those with special dietary needs, we've also got your back!

We Feed You are the perfect meal solution for ....

The grind of weeknight cooking whilst juggling busy jobs and families is why we started We Feed You. As food and health professionals, we combined our love of family, real food and nutrition to create a meal solution packed with all the good stuff you'd find in our home kitchens - to give you more time for life!

We know you want great food but we also know it can be hard or even impossible to find when you've got special dietary needs. We also take your dietary needs very seriously, using evidence based nutrition combined with a Food Safety & Allergen Plan and independent audits.

We get it! Sometimes you need a meal to fill you up without adding too many calories to your day. We have a wide range of meals that contain less than 430 calories (2000kJ) to help you make easy choices. Many customers report that they have achieved sustained weight loss (without dieting) with We Feed You meals. They report that the meals have helped them learn about satisfying portion sizes. For many under eating or over eating is a problem. Many of the We Feed You meals are designed for everyday healthy eating and can be included as part of a balanced diet.

As one customer wrote: "I’ve been eating your dinners for the last few months I love it and I’m fussy. I’ve lost 13 kilos in 3 months.

I just wanted to let you know I’m telling everybody about your beautiful food it’s amazing. I will still keep ordering when I reach my goal weight too as I live on my own and it’s just easier this way to get a wonderful variety.

Thank you and please pass this onto everyone in the team. I’d be lost with out this dinner to look forward to everyday." Cathy M.

For many food is one of the biggest joys in life and eating good food which is full of flavour is what we are all about. Feedback tells us, their loved ones are rediscoving thier joy of great food with We Feed You. Learn more here >

That's us - juggling work, kids, trying to stay active whilst juggling the ups n downs of life. It's hard to do it all, so allow us take the pressure off a few nights a week with out We Feed You share packs. We've done the hard part, but you can still take all the glory and create a fest to feed the fam. View our share packs here >

Reach out to your plan manager to see if We Feed You can be your preferred meal provider. Learn more here >

If you are self managed, reach out for an NDIS itemised reciept.

We have a range of meals especially for athletes looking for energy to perform along with protein for power and strength. Meals contain at least 20g of lean protein and 30g of high quality carbohydrate. Check our Active Range here >

With a wide range of dietary needs catered for, we've got your back when it comes to feeding the team!

Don't just take our word for it!

"The Tennis Australia team loved the We Feed You meals throughout the 2023 Australian Open. We look forward to working with you again.' Heidi Atkinson, Logistics Assistant, Tennis Australia. 

"We Feed You has been a fantastic partner for the team at St Vincent's Public Hospitals. Their wide variety of meals have been very popular and a huge support to nourish our hard working team during COVID. They are professional, responsive and easy to work with."  Mustapha Elarafi  | Executive Chef  | St Vincent's Public Hospital.

We've worked with some of Australia's leading Universities and Research Institues to feed study co-horts using our existing or uniquely formulated meals.

"... This large range of nutrient rich meals are such a great support for those following a low FODMAP diet.  It’s exciting to see such innovation here in Australia, from both a taste, convenience and health perspective. It’s also great for our researchers to have access to these meals for our own study groups".  Professor Associate Jane Muir, Head of Translational Nutrition Science at Monash University    

Take a fresh look at frozen ready meals!

Real food, made well

Meals are cooked fresh, then delivered frozen. By freezing we:

  • Lock in the nutrients
  • Avoid pumping food with preservatives and gases
  • Eliminate tight plastic wrapping on food
  • Reduce food waste.

"Freezing is the most pure, oldest form of food preservation; nothing is tampered with. Freezing also locks in the nutrients and preserves flavour." Head chef, Dave Roberts.

Full flavoured, restaurant quality in a ready meal!