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Welcome to our We Feed Rewards loyalty program; an easy way for you to enjoy our meals and save money with every order. From $25 off your first order & $15 off your second, through to an ongoing discount of 10 - 25% off every order.  

You will also enjoy early access to new meals, rewards member only discounts, priority access to sales, exclusive partner offers and other announcements dedicated to our loyal rewards customers. 

Best Value We Feed Rewards
Join now to start enjoying your discounts immediately.  Existing customers can click on the link below to log in and re-order. Remember to use the same email address each time you order. 

Our NDIS and Home Care Package clients, can enjoy unique and generous discount from your very first order. To learn more view here: NDIS here >  and HCP here > 

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Rewards and Benefits
$25 off first order
First order
$25.00 off
To be eligible, customers must create an account. 
$15 off second order
Second order
$15.00 off 
Discount will automatically be applied at the check out when you are logged in. 
 Bronze we feed you rewards
Orders 3 - 6 
10% off
when ordering 10 or more meals
Silver rewards member 
Orders 7 - 12
10% off 10 or more meals 
OR 15% of orders of 20 or more meals 
Gold rewards member
Orders 13 - 19
10% off 10 or more meals 
OR 20% of orders of 20 or more meals 


Platinum rewards member 
Order 20+
10% off 10 or more meals 
OR 25% of orders of 20 or more meals 
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