Frequently Asked Questions

Our meals

We want you to be satisfied by our meals but don’t want to provide oversized portions because it can often be too easy to finish your plate, regardless of how hungry you are. Weights of our meals vary between 300-450g due to the different ingredients used (rice weighs much less than chickpeas, for example).

Food is also a huge source of landfill waste. Our meals ensure you get the right amount of food to fill you up, without any excess ending up in the bin. 

Meals can be heated in the microwave or oven. Check out the specific information on the base of meal sleeve for cooking times and instructions.

Meals are best heated directly from frozen. Note that microwave and oven cooking times can vary considerably depending on your appliances. Approximate cooking times are 5-6 minutes in the microwave, or 35-40 minutes in the oven. Please be aware of the steam which may be released when you peel back the film.

Simple. Because freezing is the most pure, oldest form of preservation, that locks in all nutrients and goodness. Nothing is tampered with. Freezing our meals also means greater convenience for you, and there is almost no food wastage at our end or yours, which makes us all happy.

A ‘best before’ date is clearly listed on the packaging of every meal. We give our meals a shelf life of 7 months. Food can last longer than this in the freezer but, because we don’t add preservatives or emulsifiers, we prefer you stick to the 'best before' date.

Dietary Needs, Intolerances and Allergies

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy great food, so we have designed our menu to cater for a wide range of special diets. We have a growing range of vegan and vegetarian options as well as catering for people on gluten-free, low FODMAP or onion- and garlic-free diets, coeliacs, fructose and lactose intolerant. We also have a range of Diabetic Friendly meals.

Check out all our Special Diets, and further nutrition information here.

Yes. We have a dedicated gluten free kitchen where we make all our gluten free meals. These meals are made using ingredients that do not contain gluten, and there are no products containing gluten kept or used in this kitchen. 

We Feed You have two separate kitchens including a dedicated gluten free kitchen where we make all our gluten free meals. These kitchens are completely separate spaces and do not share any cooking equipment to eliminate cross contamination. The meals made in our gluten free kitchen are made using ingredients that do not contain gluten, and there are no products containing gluten kept or used in this kitchen. 

We are very selective with the products we use and suppliers we work with. If we have an ingredient that is unable to be sourced without a 'may contains' statement due to farming practices potentially causing cross contamination (ie. some herbs and spices which are naturally gluten free), then we will look for reassurance from the manufacturer that the ingredient is not processed on equipment which also processes gluten.  

For the above reasons we are able to mark our meals as gluten free in Australia, although sensitive consumers need to note that analysis for the presence of gluten only detects down to 20ppm of gluten (which is classed as Gluten Free in the Food Standards Code). Therefore, as much as we can control every aspect of our own kitchen production, we cannot control every aspect of our suppliers. Whilst we monitor our suppliers’ procedures, customers need to be comfortable with this and the risk for themselves if they are to order from us.

For peace of mind we also have an independent Food Safety Consultant who works closely with us across our food business and has written our food safety plan. 

Look for the gluten free range gluten free range.  or use the relevant search filters. These meals are all made in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. 

We Feed You acknowledges there are no precise rules when choosing meals as a diabetic and appropriate food choices will vary widely from person to person. While our meals are carefully designed to be balanced and appropriate for many people with diabetes, they may not suit some individuals who follow specific dietary approaches. 

Please consult your doctor or Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) for advice regarding the suitability of our Diabetic Friendly range for your individual circumstances. Alternatively, check the ingredients list and nutrition information panel for each meal based on the advice your have been given from your doctor or APD.

Learn more about Diabetic Friendly criteria here >

Yes, all our Low FODMAP meals are Monash University LOW FODMAP certified giving our customer confidence and relief from their IBS symptoms. 

‘A large percentage of our referrals come from gastroenterologists, GPs and gut health specialist dietitians’ says We Feed You co-founder, Tracey Emney. ‘We know how hard it is for people who are navigating the Low FODMAP diet for the first time, and how stress can exacerbate gut symptoms. Our meals are often part of the initial treatment plan to support clients as they work through the three steps of the diet. Taking the stress out of mealtime also support dietary compliance which leads to better result for clients and practitioners.”         

Gift Vouchers

Of course! We Feed You meals make awesome gifts - especially for new parents and friends or family who are going through a tough time. By giving a gift voucher the recipient can choose the meals they like rather than you trying to guess. Ordering our gift vouchers is easy - visit our Gift Voucher page and follow the prompts. 

If you have any special requests or questions, please contact us at

Orders and delivery

No, there are no subscriptions or lock-in contracts. You can order when you like, start and stop at anytime. 

For delivery, we charge a flat rate to cover a portion of our costs of $15 per order (incl GST). Deliveries are free for orders over $250.

Our minimum order size is just five meals.

Please go to our Deliveries page for further information here

Delivery times vary by location. Type your postcode in the orange panel at the top of our website to see when we deliver to you, and check out our Deliveries page here for further information. 

Once your order has been packed by our team, it will be dispatched to our specialist cold chain delivery partner. They will collate all the orders and map the deliveries to determine the best routing. You will receive a text message the night before your order is to be delivered with a tracking link to track your delivery time. This is only a guide as traffic conditions can change on the day. If we do not have your mobile number on record, you will not receive any notifications. Please email us with a mobile number at if you would like to receive text message updates.

Yes, assuming you have provided a mobile number on your account, a tracking link to follow your order throughout the day of your delivery will be sent the night before your delivery. You will receive a further text message to confirm when the meals have been delivered and a photo should be supplied to show where they have been left. 

The drivers are not required to deliver to front doors of apartments in multi level buildings, for their own personal safety. Unfortunately some drivers have experienced unsafe situations in stairwells and elevators. Therefore it does come down to their personal comfortability for each driver and location. To promote the likelihood of a successful delivery we encourage you to choose a delivery towards the middle or end of the week when deliveries are less busy. We also encourage you to be specific in your delivery instructions. For example "deliver to front door of unit. DO NOT deliver to lobby/security area. Disabled and unable to retrieve from lobby. Call the customer on (insert number) or contact HDS Support if unsure."

All meals are cooked, frozen and despatched from the We Feed You kitchen straight into our refrigerated delivery vans to arrive at your door still frozen. Meals will remain frozen in our specially insulated delivery boxes for at least twelve hours, assuming they are not left in a warm space, hot car or direct sunlight. If you have any special delivery instructions, live in a secure block or have pets we should be aware of, please make notes in the 'Special Instructions' section when ordering.

To learn more about our packaging and our sustainable approach click here.

Meals should remain frozen before heating for food safety. If a meal is defrosted (in the refrigerator), the meal must be consumed within 2 days.

We are expanding our delivery zones all the time, so if we don’t deliver to you yet, subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to find out when we are coming your way!

Click here for more information on our delivery zones.

Our meals are also stocked at a selection of leading retailers. Visit our Stockists page for further information.

Meals are taken from the freezer straight into our refrigerated delivery vans to arrive at your doors still frozen. Meals will remain frozen in our specially insulated delivery boxes for at least twelve hours, assuming they are not left in a warm space, hot car or direct sunlight.

To learn more about our packaging click here.

Meals should remain frozen before heating for food safety. If a meal is defrosted (in the refrigerator), the meal must be consumed within 2 days.

If you are not home, they will leave it at your front door (houses), if it is an apartment complex they will also leave it in a foyer (if they can access) or outside if inside is not accessible. It is your responsibility to keep an eye out for text message notifications to secure your delivery.

If you have not left delivery instructions in the "special instructions box at the checkout" please email us with any delivery instructions - sometimes a driver may fail to see a safe location to leave it, even if it may appear obvious to you. 

On final delivery, there will be a photo attached to the text message to indicate where the order has been placed. 

Should your meals defrost, but are still chilled, pop them in the refrigerator and heat and eat within 48 hours. Meals should not be re-frozen once defrosted. 

Most failures to receive a text message alert are due to customers entering a land line number rather than a mobile number or simply entering the wrong number.  Please check your account to ensure the number is correct. 

Text messages can only be sent to mobile devices not landlines. 

However if a mobile number was provided and the message is not coming in, the majority of these issues result from handset status or general hardware issues, like bad coverage, switched off or an issue with the device itself.

There may also be instances where handsets can be blocked from receiving messages from VoIP numbers (like Twilio numbers). This can be removed upon request to the carrier from the end customer. There are other instances where mobile devices can have certain apps on them which upset the SMS flow (filtering spam SMS). We recommend reaching out to your provider for further assistance if you believe that these messages are being blocked. We can show proof of messages being sent via our delivery partner reporting. In most cases when we investigate a failed text message report from customers, it usually only impacts their number and all other text messages or alerts are successful from that delivery period or route.

To receive the introductory $25 We Feed Rewards discount and ongoing discounts, you must create an account, activate your account and be logged in so the site can recognise and apply the relevant discount. In most circumstances the discount is not applied because the customer is not logged in or they have not created an account. If you have checked this and are still experiencing problems please reach out to us at so we can look into it further. 

Drivers are unable to enter customers home for their own safety and for the safety of our customers and we request you do not ask them to do so. 

If you need support we recommend you have a family member, neighbour, friend or carer present to assist you with your delivery. 

For some customer, they leave delivery notes for the driver to place the order on a table or chair near the front door so they can unpack the order at a reasonable height and take the meals in small numbers to their freezer. If you are order a large number of meals you can also request two boxes rather than one large one to help.

The drivers are not permitted to buzz or knock on deliveries due to a history of complaints. For example, "my baby was sleeping," "I work the night shift," "I was in an online meeting and the buzzer was disrupting."
You need to be specific in your instructions if you want the driver to knock or buzz. For example, "Permission to buzz in the AM night time window, BUZZ when delivered regardless of the time."
Our delivery partner relies on you checking your text messages for delivery notifications.

Ready to order?

1. First check if we deliver to your suburb in the top postcode search function

2. Create an account if you wish to join our Rewards Program 

Create an account

3. Activate your account via the email sent to your nominated email address. 

4. Select the meals to suit your dietary needs or food preferences by adding them to the cart. 

5. Proceed to the checkout and place your first order.

If you need support placing your first order, please call us on 1300 853 239. Please leave a message with your name and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Simply login to your account and your order history should appear. Note only orders placed whilst logged into your account will be listed. Click on the RE-ORDER button to repeat a previous order.  

Click here to enter your email address, and we will email you a new password.

We currently accept MasterCard, Visa card payments and express payment options including PayPal, Gpay, ShopPay and Afterpay. 

Returns & Refunds

On some occassions we will offer refunds. In most cases this will be due to a delivery errors where meals have not arrived when they should and meals have defrosted.

Whilst this is very rare it has happendend and is usually due to unfroeseen circumstances such as major traffic incidents, extreme weather or driver error.

In the event of this happening we need you to report an incident immediately so we can check in with our delivery partner to track the order, dispatch time, vehicle temperature and travel logs, any text notifications, delivery dispatch and arrival times.

Once we can understand where the error has occurred, we will either send a replacement order or provide a full refund. Please note this does take some time to investigate and we appreciate your patience whilst we look into this. Providing as much information from you as possible helps to speed up the process.

We will not refund meals if:

- you do not like the meals. WHY? Because most customers take advantage of $25 off their first order to try a few meals on us and sensibly order a small number of meals to see if they like our meals. They then proceed to a larger order for their ongoing orders based on enjoying their frist expereince. Please do not order $200 - 300 of meals with your first order and expect a refund because they were not what you expected.

- you entered the wrong delivery address and meals were sent there. Please take responsibilty for your actions rather than getting upset with us or our delivery team for not knowing you moved house.

- meals were delivered outside the eta (yes this is an eta so please expect conditions or times to change)

- you changed your mind at short notice. Please be aware it takes time to process, pack and dispatch your meals to our delivery partner. If you cancel at short notice and the meals have been dispatched then you need to accept responsibility for your order.

- the outside carboard box was dinted (assuming the inner liner is not pierced, the meals inside will be fine and protected by the insulation liner). The damage is superficial and there to proect the meals, so it is doing its job!

We love hearing from our customers including the positive and the constructive. This enables us to continually improve, reassure our kitchen team when they are doing a great job or give them suggestions to improve. We also work very closely with our delivery partner to provide feedback to their drivers when expectation are not met.

If you have an issue with how your delivery arrived, you must immediately send photos with proof of time, if relevant - batch numbers of the specific meals and any other relevant information to

If you have feedback regarding the quality of a specific meal we will require the name of the meal, batch number and best before date. Please note a refund is not guaranteed if you do not like a particular meal. We recommend not ordering it again and exploring the range to find meals which meet you taste.

Packaging & the environment

Excess packaging is one of the biggest challenges for home delivered food and meals, and a reason why many customers are switching to brands like Kitchen Two and We Feed You. We care strongly about the environment and aim to keep our production and packaging waste to a minimum.

With our meals requiring temperature control during transit, we have sourced sustainable products to ensure your meals arrive frozen whilst minimising our environmental footprint. 

We have chosen a combination of gel ice packs, insulation bag and outer cardboard box. We have specifically chosen not to use polystyrene as it takes over 500 years to biodegrade and most boxes are single use - ouch! Both the gel pack outer and the insulation bags are 100% recyclable with your soft plastic recycling. 

The gel ice packs are also great to re-use at home - place them in the freezer and re-use as required. Alternatively, you can empty the non-toxic gel solution down the sink using hot tap water to help dissolve the gel. The outer packaging can be added to your soft plastic recycling. 

The insulation bag is efficient due to the outer metalised layer which acts as a heat barrier combined with the inner bubble layer which acts as an insulating air barrier, reducing heat transfer and conductivity all while also adding a cushioned protection for your meals. This can be placed in your soft plastic recycling.

The outer boxes are made from recycled material and are also 100% recyclable via your curbside recycling. Simply flatten your cardboard box and place it in the paper recycling bin.  

Both the outer cardboard meal sleeve and the black inner tray are both made in Australia and recyclable. Please remember to discard the sealing film in the bin and wash your tray before adding it to your recycling bin!

Absolutely! Our meals are made by hand in the We Feed You kitchen in the heart of Melbourne and our produce is sourced locally as much as possible.

Our outer blue cardboard sleeves and black inner trays are also made here in Australia.

We care strongly about the environment and work hard to make positive production and packaging choices. We choose mostly local produce for our meals, work with local packaging suppliers to reduce air miles and provide packaging solutions which are recyclable. To learn more click here.

We have specifically chosen to use paper board trays due to the significant reduction in plastic and its food safe properties for microwave and oven use.  Whilst the trays are mostly made from paper board they do have a PET liner which provides a waterproof lining from the pressed paper board tray and the food. The liner represents a modest % of the overall weight of the tray and carries much better environmental credentials than the common CPET (plastic) trays seen in the market and used by many meal providers.


Have a declaration of compliance certificate for the trays that states: 

  1. Bisphenol A (BPA): We hereby confirm that no bisphenol A is intentionally added in the production of extrusion coated paperboard. 
  2. Phthalates: We hereby confirm that no phthalates are intentionally added in the production of extrusion coated paperboard.


For the film we use, we also have a declaration of absence for:

  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Bisphenol S (BPS) 
  1. They confirm that "such substances are not intentionally added in the products reported above, neither as additives, during our process, neither we are informed they are present in raw materials."