Food Safety and Allergen Plan

We Feed You has developed an allergen management plan to ensure our meals meet a wide range of dietary needs and we can label our meals with confidence. This supports our food and business philosophy which is to provide great tasting and nutritious meals to a wide range of people including those with special dietary needs. 
Whilst we try to cater for many, we also know we cannot cater for everyone. Below, outlines the dietary categories we do and do not cater for including the how and the why.

Stringent Sourcing and Onsite Checks

We Feed You are very selective on where we source our ingredients to ensure they uphold the same standards we expect in our kitchens. Ingredients and allergy checks are completed prior to purchase for any new ingredient and if there is any doubt our team will reach out to the manufacturer to clarify their production procedures for reassurance. Ingredients are inspected on arrival into the kitchen for quality and consistency. We do not hesitate to return goods which do not meet our expectations. 

Food Integrity, Safety and Compliance

We Feed You has a strict food safety program in place to ensure we produce safe food for consumers in a safe environment for our staff. To ensure a high level of compliance, we engage an independent Food Safety consultant to work closely with the team and has written our We Feed You food safety program. This consultant has a Bachelor of Science (Food and Nutrition) and is a qualified Food Safety Auditor accredited with the Department of Health in Victoria. 
We also complete stringent internal audits of our food safety plan and our compliance is audited annually with an independent food safety auditor, along with annual inspections of our facilities by local council.
We work hard to be 100% transparent in our labelling so our customers know exactly what they are eating and can trust our products are labelled correctly. We follow the standards set out by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). FSANZ is a statutory authority in the Australian Government Health portfolio. FSANZ develops food standards for Australia and New Zealand and the Code is enforced by state and territory departments, agencies and local councils in Australia. 

We have two segregated meal production kitchens  

We Feed You has two segregated kitchens including one dedicated to preparing all our gluten free meals. This enables us to completely segregate our cooking equipment and ingredients to prevent cross-contamination.
We are also very selective with the products we use and suppliers we work with. If we have an ingredient that is unable to be sourced without a 'may contains' statement due to farming practices potentially causing cross contamination (ie. some herbs and spices which are naturally gluten free), then we will look for reassurance from the manufacturer that the ingredient is not processed on equipment which also processes gluten.  
For the above reasons we are able to mark our meals as gluten free in Australia, although sensitive consumers need to note that analysis for the presence of gluten only detects down to 20ppm of gluten (which is classed as Gluten Free in the Food Standards Code). However, as much as we can control every aspect of our own kitchen production, we cannot control every aspect of our suppliers. Therefore, even though we monitor our suppliers' procedures, customers need to be comfortable with this and the risk for themselves if they are to order from us.
We Feed You have teamed up with Monash University to have our meals Monash University Low FODMAP Certified TM.
We Feed You is the first ready meal provider in Australia to hold the Monash University certification.
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Monash University low FODMAP certified ready meals  
Garlic and onions are very high in the FODMAP – fructans - and are two of the most common triggers for anyone with IBS. This includes all red, white and brown onions, the whites of spring onions, leek and onion or garlic spice powders. Onions, in particular are very high in fructans.

Unfortunately for anyone wanting to avoid onion and garlic, they are ingredients found in almost every cuisine and every style of cooking. They form the base of curries, stir-fries, pastas, stews and braises, soups, stocks and even salads from most countries around the world, making it difficult for anyone trying to avoid these ingredients to eat out or purchase pre-made items. Our chefs also enjoy the challenge or producing really tasty meals using a range of alternative ingredients.
onion and garlic free ready meals
We Feed You use a wide range of nuts, including peanuts and tree nuts, in our meals as they are a great source of nutrition, flavour and texture. Therefore, we are not a nut free facility and despite very thorough cleaning procedures we cannot eliminate the potential risk of cross contamination. You will find peanuts and tree nuts appear in the allergy statement for all our meals.
We Feed You has a wide range of lactose free meals which are also free from added dairy. Those requiring a low lactose diet will also be pleased to know that meals marked Low FODMAP are very low in lactose (less than 1g per serve) and suitable for the vast majority of people following a lactose free diet. 
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Lactose free ready meals
With dairy being a high-risk allergen, you will find milk in the allergy statement for all our meals as we use a wide range of dairy products in both our kitchens. Whilst many of our meals are free from added dairy, we are NOT a dairy free kitchen. 
As mentioned above, our lactose free range of meals are free from added dairy. 
We recognise individual approaches to eating for diabetes will vary from person to person and our diabetic friendly meals have all been formulated to meet key criteria.  These criteria are based on expert dietary and health recommendations, and can be viewed here >
Diabetic Friendly ready meals
We respect everyone's food and dietary preferences and acknowledge there are many reasons why people choose to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet - for religious or ethical reasons, animal rights, environmental or due to health benefits. 
Our chefs have developed a range of vegan and vegetarian meals that are full of flavour and wholefood ingredients such as quinoa, tofu, brown rice, lentils, herbs, spices, grains, legumes and heaps of veggies. 
Vegetarian ready meals
Vegan ready meals
As most of you know we don’t believe in diets, diet food or weight loss meals. Most of our meals are designed for everyday healthy eating where we try to use ingredients like olives or capers to achieve a salty flavour, certain vegetables for sweetness and healthy fats - like cold pressed Australian extra virgin olive oil. Our focus is on real ingredients you would find in a foodie kitchen. This includes lean protein, fresh ingredients for colour and texture together with herbs and spices for flavour, plus pantry staples to bring extra nutrition, colour, intensity or flair. Real food, made for everyday healthy eating.  
We also believe that by offering good portion sizes, you will be satisfied after a We Feed You meal and less likely to snack between meals - which is often when extra calories are consumed.  Many customers have learnt through eating We Feed You, what a healthy portion size is which has helped them achieve their goals.

However, after a social weekend or well deserved holiday where eating too much is all part of the holiday joy, we understand sometimes you just need something to fill you up without adding too many calories to your day. This is why we have our less than 430 calorie range.  Use the search filter on the left of the menu and tick <430 calories to find meals which fit this category. 
Under 430 calorie ready meals

Protein is an essential macronutrient, vital for a mind-boggling array of bodily structures and functions. When we eat protein, it’s broken down and absorbed as amino acids – used to build everything from connective tissues (eg. muscle, skin, nerves) through to bones, hormones, neurotransmitters and immune system molecules. 

There are 20 different amino acids – 9 of which are considered ‘essential’ as they can’t be made by our body (and therefore have to be obtained from food).  Protein from beef will have a different amino acid make-up compared to protein from lentils or milk.  So rather than just thinking about quantity, it’s also important to consume a variety of protein foods. 

This is where We Feed You meals can help. It can be difficult to think, plan, shop, cook & clean when it comes to meal planning let alone ensuring you're getting enough protein from a wide range of sources. Many of our meals are a high source of protein and we also have a huge number of meals which are a considered a good source of protein.  We have created a search function enabling you to easily find which meals are a good source of protein (also includes our high-source meals) according to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). 

Use the search filter on the meals page and tick "Protein - good source" if you are looking for ways to increase your protein intake and remember to mix up your meals to ensure you are getting protein from different sources. 

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Good source of protein ready meals

Many of the We Feed You meals are an excellent source of fibre and even more are considered a good source of fibre according to FSANZ. 
Use the search filter on the meals page and tick "Fibre - good source" if you are looking for ways to increase your fibre intake. 

Meals which are a good source of fibre