National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS): Ready-Made Meals Delivered

Getting started with We Feed You meals delivered: 

Currently We Feed You can work with participants who are either self or plan managed - and approved by their plan manager to work with us. Please check with your plan manager. 
NDIA / Agency Managed participants are currently unable to order We Feed You meals.

Plan Managed Participants

Check if prepared meals are covered as part of your plan. If you are not sure please check with your plan manager or support co-ordinator.

If prepared meals are not included in your plan you can make a request to have it included in your next plan review. You may also appeal to have meal preparation and delivery included into your NDIS plan. Please discuss this with your support co-ordinator or plan manager. 

- Discuss with your Plan Manager if we can be your preferred meal provider. If we are not on their provider list, they can send an email request to to discuss becoming a preferred meal provider for you.  

- check in the post code checker above that we deliver to your suburb.

- email and request a sign up form.

- complete and return the sign up form to

Once received we will verify the details with your plan manager or support co-ordinator so we can get you set up with ordering. You will receive an email to activate your account for ordering online or over the phone.  

Ordering & payment - You can order online or over the phone. When ordering online your NDIS discount will automatically apply at the checkout and you will be required to pay the 30% co-payment at the time of ordering.

For online order we offer the following payment options - credit or debit card, PayPal and Afterpay. For orders over the phone you can pay by credit or debit card. We do not currently offer direct debit. 

NDIS will cover the preparation, packaging and delivery of meals. A small co-payment to cover the cost of ingredients is in most circumstances the responsibility of the participant.  This is 30% of the cost of the meals and varies depending on the type and number of meals ordered. For example a red meat meal will cost more than a vegetarian based meal, fish costs more than chicken etc.. 

Additional discounts (note this is effective from 08 Feb 2023. If you have a quote or signed up pre 08 Feb 2023 you may be on our previous Rewards Membership).

To best support our NDIS customers, they automatically skip to a We Feed Rewards GOLD Membership where they enjoy $25 off their first order (total fee before 70/30 split) and an additional 10% off orders of 10 or more meals and 20% off 20 or more meals. 


If you are self managed we also offer NDIS discount. You can enjoy $25 off your first order. After your first order, you can jump straight to a GOLD membership where you receive 10 - 20% off all future order. Please email after your first order and once you have tried our meals to request an NDIS sign up form.

Please send an email to with:

  • participants name
  • NDIS number
  • plan manager
  • number of meals required per week or per fortnight
  • delivery suburb and postcode.

Please also indicate if you are plan, self of NDIS managed. Note we currently cannot provide meals to NDIA / Agency managed participants. 

NDIS - Frequently Asked Questions

You choose your own meals from our online menu based on your personal preference or advice from your health professional. You can change your options for each order or stay with a consistent menu of your choice. We do not make recommendations on meals for dietary needs, you will need to discuss this with your dietitian or doctor. 

We certainly do. All our meals are labelled according to the relevant dietary needs. Meals however cannot be altered from the ingredients list. 

At the moment there are two different ways your co-payment can be made, depending on your plan.

  1. If you are on a Self-Managed plans, you make the full payment to us up front, and we can provide you with an itemised tax receipt to claim to NDIS.
  2. Plan Managed: you can order the meals online or over the phone, paying for the cost of ingredients and your plan managers will invoiced for the outstanding amount - which is the remaining 70% plus the cost of any shipping.

We suggest you talk to your Plan Manager or Support Worker to check if you are eligible and to discuss your options. We are looking to become an official NDIS provider and will update the site once this is done. 

For any specific questions email: or 
Call us Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm on 1300 853 239. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

NO, you can try the meals and decide if you wish to continue or not. If you wish to set up a regular, weekly, fortnightly or monthly order then we can set this up for you. Contact

To support you with your We Feed You experience we are very open to receiving feedback and suggest reading the following document to proceed with your feedback or complaint. Complaint and feedback form