Home Care Package meals delivered

Home Care Package meals delivered

We Feed You provides a wide range of meals with different flavours and local seasonal produce. They are made by our talented team of chefs, so our meals play a big role in making meal time extremely enjoyable.  

  • All meals can be heated in the microwave (approx. 6 mins) or oven (40-45mins). On heating the film releases, making them easy to open. 
  • The full menu with over 60 meals can be viewed here >
  • Customers can order over the phone or online. We do not lock you into ongoing orders, so order when it suits you.  In addition if you have any questions, please call 1300 853 239.

Getting started with your HCP delivered meals. 

If you or your family member is on a home care package (HCP), you will need to speak with your Care Provider and express your desire to have meals supplied by We Feed You. Once your care provider approves you can order meals with We Feed You, a service request will come from the HCP provider to proceed with meal delivery. 

They can send an email requests to support@wefeedyou.com.au 

In most cases the cost of preparation and delivery (70%) is covered by the care provider and the participant is required to pay for the cost of ingredients (30%).  

We Feed You meals cater for a range of special diets and we do not lock anyone into ongoing orders or contracts. Just order when it suits you. We also offer special discounts for our HCP customers. 

Please discuss with your Care Provider and share our details with them so they can work with us to set up an account. 

Email: support@wefeedyou.com.au

Ph: 1300 853 239 

Mob: 0435 199 513