We Feed You. For Your Best Life.

Times have changed and life just keeps getting busier. The juggle of family, career and friends is a never ending quest. But there are some things that are constant: values, beliefs and for us, our passion. That is, remarkable food, prepared with high quality, local produce.

However at mealtimes, we were frustrated. Wanting to give our family, and ourselves, the best - but challenged to always do so. It turns out we weren't the only ones who wanted a hand in the kitchen. And through the collaboration of 5 friends, Charlotte, Dave, Susie, Tracey and Mark, We Feed You was born. 

Dave Roberts and Charlotte Miller

We Feed You is a little different. How so? Well, Dave is an exceptional chef with 7 years as Head Chef at iconic Melbourne restaurant MoVida. Charlotte has been trusted to cook for clients around the world as a Private Chef and is also a highly experienced nutrition expert and Dietitian. Dave and Charlotte ensure all the produce in the We Feed You kitchen is of the highest quality, and our meals free of added preservatives. They insist, based on their experience, that We Feed You meals are frozen. Why? Because it’s the most pure, oldest form of preservation, that locks in all nutrients and goodness. Nothing is tampered with. 

We are proud to announce you can now get our healthy meals delivered anywhere in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, and to most parts of Victoria and New South Wales.

What’s more, every meal we create has a very important test to pass before we let you try it - the remarkable test. Will you delight in each and every mouthful? Will this meal take you by surprise? Because we love cooking for our family and friends and welcome you to our table too.

We Feed You. For Your Best Life.