Parsley: Does it Cure Bad Breath?

Parsley: Does it Cure Bad Breath?

Herbs like parsley are just for garnishing and adding flavour – right? Oh golly no! Here at We Feed You, we’ve been studying the nutritional benefits of parsley (which is in season right through the year).  And we thought you’d be interested to know a few herbaceous facts:
- Parsley is rich in vitamin K, which is important in blood clotting and also bone health.  In fact, studies have shown that a high vitamin K intake is associated with a significantly reduced chance of fracture (200% in fact).
- Parsley contains one of the highest concentrations of a compound called myricetin  - which is a powerful flavonoid (a type of antioxidant) that fights disease and inflammation in the body.  It’s been shown to help prevent various cancers and control blood glucose levels.

But does parsley live up to its reputation as a cure for bad breath? We’re sorry to say here that researchers who’ve looked into this particular folk remedy have found little evidence that it works. Studies show that while parsley may have some small initial effect on halitosis, this is just a masking effect, and doesn’t translate to the elimination of the volatile sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.
But hey! Parsley does bring some pretty impressive nutrition to the table, so don’t save it just for that final sprinkle. What about a winter tabouli? Or salsa verde? You’ll also find parsley starring in plenty of the We Feed You range of meals, like our 
Saffron Chicken & Rice with Fresh Herbs & Almonds
Lean chicken breast and brown rice infused with saffron, fino sherry, fresh thyme, parsley and garlic, combined with crunchy almonds, shredded kale and onion

Country Chicken Stew with Broccoli & Carrot
Simple braised chicken in white wine with carrots, broccoli, zucchini and parsley. Brown rice is mixed through for this hearty soup style stew.

Ratatouille w/ Black Olive Quinoa & Goat’s Cheese
Diced vegetables are pulled together in a rich tomato basil sauce and paired with white quinoa, kalamata olives, soft goat's cheese and fresh parsley


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