Take away or take in?

Posted by Charlotte Miller on

Do you reach Friday or Saturday night and head straight to the take away menus? Do you like the convivence of takeout but not a fan of the poor nutritional value which often comes with it? Think hidden sugars, bad fats and lots of sauces which packed with preservatives.  
So yes, it can be tricky to find something that nutritionally balanced when we look at takeout options. BUT what if we told you, that it is possible to have a meal delivered to your house AND ready to eat in under 10mins?
We Feed You meals, can all be heated in 6min in the microwave (or 40-45mins in the oven), which is faster than ordering and waiting for your takeout to arrive.
A home cooked meal straight to your front door, that is full of nutritious whole foods what more can you ask for? At We Feed You we cook all our meals in the heart of Melbourne and use as many local suppliers possible, so you know exactly what you are getting.
For your next takeout night or when you don’t feel in the mood for cooking, simply pull out a Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian, Italian or many other choices from the We Feed You menu and sit back and enjoy! You don’t even need to eat the same meal as your partner – the choice is yours.

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