Frozen Food

Frozen Food

 ... backed by science not fake news!

Yes, we are going to keep talking about this because like you, we cringe when we see fake news put out by ignorant marketers, and we know our customer's love facts without the spin.

You've all seen the phrases "never eat frozen again" or "fresh - not frozen" or “fresh is best”. But do you ever see this type of spin backed up by science? No. 

Ok, so don't get us wrong we love fresh food and there's room for all of fresh, canned, dried, fermented and frozen foods in your kitchen. Exploring fresh, seasonal market produce is one of our favourite past times. You know those people who love roaming the isles of a hardware, stationary or haberdashery store. Well, we get that same sense of joy or even thrill from shopping for fresh market produce.

BUT when it comes to comparing fresh vs frozen produce, it's never cut and dry. Let's take a closer look. 

Sure, fresh produce is a fantastic choice but not if it has been sitting in the fridge or benchtop for 2+ weeks (we've all done it, think wilted spinach or veggies on the turn). When produce is harvested, it ends up at local markets or shipped to supermarkets, overseas or to production facilities. The time from paddock to fork can be extremely variable depending on transportation, storage and point of sale.

But what about frozen? What happens here is the produce is harvested, and then sent straight to the packing facility where it is cut and then snap-frozen - aka rapidly frozen - then transported frozen before ending up in the freezer section of the supermarket (where you’ll find our meals). 

Snap freezing means no additives, no added sugar, nothing added! So the nutrients are the same when comparing to market fresh produce to snap-frozen produce! Our Chef Dave Roberts explains “freezing is a natural method of preserving food which has been used for centuries. I believe it is the best and most natural approach for keeping food fresh without tampering with it."

So next time you see someone bagging frozen - especially on social media - challenge them for the facts!


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