Now's a great time to plant!

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Are you a passionate home fruit and veggie gardener? A fair weather gardener? Or someone who’s never dared – fearing they don’t have the green thumb touch? We’ve got all three within the WFY team. Well we’re here to tell you that spring is a great time to plant, whether it’s on teeny tiny window-sill scale, or a full veggie garden scale.  

If you are a seasoned gardener, you’re probably all over it. Tell us what you’re planting in October and early November, and any of your favourite tips for the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane climates.

There are so many veggies you could plant this time of year, but here’s our top three picks:

Broccoli – because it’s sturdy and just needs a sunny spot, and will be ready to harvest and make into gorgeous salads, pasta or simply steam and top with EVOO and salt in 12 weeks flat.

Basil – because it’s quick growing and how good is the smell!? And the greenery in the kitchen? And because all you need is a window sill and a willing waterer. Imagine the caprese salads and pestos to come.

And of course tomatoes. We just love tomatoes. And there’s nothing better than waiting for them to ripen and then picking fresh out of your own garden. These will take a little while longer to make it to your plate (sometime between January to March), but we promise it will be worth the wait.

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