No Satay Regret

Posted by Charlotte Miller on

Satay is delicious and always seems like a good idea at the time. But an hour later you’ve got that heavy, ‘oh what have I done? feeling, and need a nap. Food regret - we’ve all been there.

Enter: We Feed You satay lemongrass pork with green beans and brown rice! 

We’ve kept the best bits of satay - the delicate, aromatic flavour and the creamy sauce. We’ve purposefully left out the excess salt (our satay classifies as a ‘best choice’ for recommended sodium intake). And we’ve curbed the saturated fat content, to keep it super tasty, without bloating you or sending you to sleep.

The other good news? Our satay is also low FODMAP (no onion or garlic here), so it’s good for tricky tummies. It’s lactose free, and – as you’ve come to expect – 100% gluten free. Winner winner, satay pork dinner.


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