Book Lovers Day

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Today is World Book Lovers Day. And of course we’re thinking of cookbooks! When we need to wind down, you’ll often find us loitering in the cooking section of @readingsbooks @dymocksbooks @hillofcontent or @booksforcooksau at Queen Victoria Market here in Melbourne️.⁣⁠

Online shopping is great, but there’s nothing like flipping through the pages of a fresh new cookbook, to get the creative cooking juices flowing. We don’t know about you, but our dog-eared, food-stained cookbook collection at home contains some of our most treasured possessions.⁣⁠

We asked one of our founding chefs – Charlotte – to tell us her favourite cookbooks of all time, and here’s what she said:⁣⁠

‘’I love Yotam Ottolenghi’s books and get daily inspiration from the Modern Thai Food by Martin Boetz. Other than that I’m a big fan of the Gourmet Traveller Magazine!’’ ⁣⁠

What are your favourite cookbooks? Are they covered in food splatters like ours? Do you scribble your own notes in the margins too? 

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