Drink your water.

Drink your water.

We Feed You would like to make this community service announcement: Drink your water. Eyes on your own plate.
1. Drinking enough water helps your body work better in lots of different ways. It’s essential for your body to eliminate waste products through urine and sweat. It acts as a shock absorber in your joints. It helps your body deliver nutrients via your blood – to muscles, nerve cells, your brain and your digestive system.


Around 6-8 cups per day is the average requirement, but you may need more if you’re exercising heavily, in a hot climate, or taking particular medications. Be sensitive to your thirst, as that’s the best indicator of how much you need to drink.

2. Keeping your eyes on your own plate means minding your own food business, and remembering that what works for you, may not work for the person standing next to you. It’s also a reminder that how other people look, what they weigh (and what they choose to put in their mouth or into their supermarket trolley), is their business and nobody else’s. Simple as that.


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