Tofu & Mushroom Bolognese with Spiral Pasta

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Good for you and the environment! 

Indulge in a delightful and plant-powered twist on the classic Bolognese with our Tofu and Mushroom Bolognese served over perfectly cooked gluten free spiral pasta. In this vegan meal, firm protein-packed tofu, Champignon mushrooms, carrot, oregano, tomato and baby spinach come together to create a savoury and satisfying sauce.  As the tofu and mushrooms meld into the sauce, they absorb the rich tomato and red wine base, creating a hearty and wholesome texture. The sauce generously coats al dente spiral pasta. 

Garnish at home with a sprinkle of fresh parsley or basil, this Tofu & Mushroom Bolognese with Spiral Pasta offers a plant-based symphony of tastes and textures, providing a delicious alternative to the traditional meat-based classic.

This meal is suitable for anyone following a gluten free, low FODMAP, vegan or lactose free diet. 

Adding vegan or vegetarian meals to your cart is good opportunity to increase the variety and type of plant based foods in your diet. Regularly incorporating these vegan meals offers a myriad of benefits, spanning your health and also our precious environment. Increasing your consumption of nutrient-rich plant-based foods can potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases and support healthy weight management. Additionally, exploring diverse plant-based options encourages culinary creativity by introducing a variety of flavours, textures, and nutrients into your diet. 

Vegan & Vegetarian meals

From an environmental standpoint, a vegan diet demonstrates a lower carbon footprint and places less strain on natural resources, fostering sustainability. So get more of those plant based foods into your diet to help on all fronts! 

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Fun Facts about Champignon mushrooms

Champignon mushrooms, also known as white button mushrooms, are a nutritious and versatile ingredient. The nutritional content can vary slightly depending on factors such as growing conditions and preparation methods. For example, Champignon mushrooms exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light during growth can contain varying amounts of vitamin D, which is unusual for plant-based sources.

These mushrooms are also a source of B Vitamins, they contain antioxidants, including selenium, which plays a role in supporting the immune system. 



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