Women's Health Week

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Ladies, this one’s for you, because it’s Women’s Health Week. It’s a great week to take a break from focusing on EVERYONE ELSE IN YOUR LIFE and focus on the really important things that mean looking after you! Here are some ideas:

When’s the last time you saw your GP – not because you were about to keel over or desperately needed a script – but just to check up on your health? Go on. Book in now and get that sorted!

Are you over 40 and is it perhaps time for a mammogram? Yep. We know it doesn’t sound too enticing, but buddy up and book in with a friend if you’re feeling squeamish about it.

How about just some time to slow down, look around, and centre yourself? You could rope in some of your favourite women folk and go for a walk, a bike ride or a dance class. Or just catch a movie or invite some friends around for a cup of tea. However you do it, the idea is making time for you, prioritising your health and mental health.

And another hot tip: hop online and sign up with www.womenshealthweek.com.au –  to receive daily health tips and download their super informative ‘Your Health – Fact vs. fiction’ ebook. And in the spirit of looking after you, why not hit up the We Feed You website and order yourself a stock of delicious, healthy meals you can have on the table in 6 minutes flat – no shopping, cooking or dishes!

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