10% Off Meals for BCNA Members

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We Feed You is thrilled to partner with Breast Cancer Network Australia and is offering BCNA members an ongoing discount on our healthy ready meals. 

After discussing the idea of a partnership with BCNA CEO Kirsten Pilatti, the BCNA team quickly moved to trial the meals with members and received really positive feedback on their quality, and convenience both during and after treatment. 

The meals were then independently reviewed by Specialists Oncology Dietitian Lauren Atkins at OnCore Nutrition who reported: 

"The We Feed You range of meals look really appropriate for the BCNA community. They contain mostly natural, whole-food ingredients with few artificial ingredients and preservatives. The nutritional composition looks good overall, with most providing a suitable amount of protein to meet elevated needs during chemotherapy. They have balanced their macronutrients well, by choosing mostly low GI carbohydrates and have avoided ingredients like processed meats and added sugars, which are often of concern/interest amongst people going through breast cancer treatment. The energy (kJ/calorie) contribution is suitable for that of someone on active treatment and in survivorship so long as individualised advice is sought where needed. The We Feed You dietitian has done a thorough job, and the 'Active Lifestyle' range would be a good place for women on active treatment to start to be confident with their protein intake at meals."

CEO Kirsten Pilatti welcomed We Feed You to the BCNA family and noted the discounted prices being offered to BCNA members.

“Eating well is a key component for breast cancer survivors. We are very happy to partner with a company that delivers healthy, ready-made meals to our members,” said Kirsten.

As an official partner of BCNA, We Feed You meals are available to BCNA members at a reduced rate to support you and your families when you need it most. BCNA members can check out the range and order here where the 10% discount will automatically be applied at checkout. Alternatively, use the code BCNA10% when ordering to receive 10% off your order. BCNA will also receive a further 10% donation on all orders placed using this code. 

Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  

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