What's Good Nutrition?

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We’re always banging on about good nutrition here. And that’s because nourishing people is our passion. But today, we’re asking you to stop and take a little time to ponder with us: What does good nutrition really mean?

You’ll encounter many nutrition messages every day, on Instagram and other social media channels, via TV and radio, friends, family, people you work with and people you work out with. And everyone will have a different take on what’s ‘healthy’, and what’s not. Some will tell you that dairy is really bad for you. Some will tell you that intermittent fasting has changed their lives. And some will be too busy logging their last meal in their food tracking app, to even look up from their phone.

The key message here? Everyone is an individual! There is no one style of eating that’s best. And we all have different bodies and bring a unique personal experience with food to the table. Find out what works for you, and trust your intuition.

At We Feed You, we encourage you to consider that good nutrition isn’t just about the macro or micronutrient content of the food you choose to eat. Nourishing our bodies is also about social interaction, joy, comfort and community.

Above all, don’t get so focused on following meal plans and counting macros, that you forget to connect with your body, really taste and enjoy your food. Because surely that’s what true nourishment is about?

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