Step away from the scales

Step away from the scales

Here’s three healthier habits to adopt than stepping on the scales every day.

In the habit of getting on the scales every day? Bah. What’s that actually doing for you? Does it really have anything to do with your health? We’ve got three much better habits you can work into your daily routine – and unlike a number on the scales, these can actually make you happier!

1. Start a gratitude journal. Squirrel away a few minutes every day to write three things you’re grateful for. It’s been shown that focusing on the positives and practising this way of thinking can actually rewire your brain, and change the way you think and see the world.

2. Have a wardrobe clear-out and put away or give away clothes that don’t fit you right now. Maybe even buy yourself some comfy ones that fit and you feel good in. Being comfortable and feeling good in your skin are actually really important!

3. Give yourself a compliment every morning when you look in the mirror. It can be anything as long as it’s genuine. It might be about your body, your amazing green thumb, your hair, your sense of humour, the selfless way you’re always looking after others… (you get the picture). It might feel a bit silly to start with, but say it out loud, say it proud.


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