Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is important for strong bones, muscles and overall health. Funnily enough the best source of this vitamin is not found in food…. But the sun! That’s right, we get most of vitamin D from the sun. We do get some vitamin D from food, found in things like fish and eggs, whilst some products have added vitamin D added such as milk and margarine.
Our bodies can only absorb so much vitamin D from the sun at a time, so longer sun exposure won’t = more vitamin D, instead it will increase your risk for skin cancer.  Our levels of vitamin D also vary with the seasons and skin types. In addition to eating these foods, how long do you need in the sun to soak up those vitamin D benefits? Well recommendations encourage a couple of minutes of sun exposure mid-morning and mid-afternoon during the warmer months of the year. Any longer than that, remember to slip slop slap!


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