Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is essential for the digestion of protein, gene expression and a powerful antioxidant. Most animals can make their own vitamin C but humans (along with guinea pigs and fruits bats!) can’t so we need to get ours from the food we eat.
Fruit and vegetables are the best sources of vitamin C, some good sources include:
- Tomatoes
- Citrus fruits
- Potatoes
- Capsicums
- Black currants
- Kiwifruit
- Broccoli
- Strawberries
- Cantaloupe
- Brussel sprouts
As you can see there are plenty of sources of vitamin C in our diet and fortunately a selection of these foods are available all year round!
Low levels of vitamin C may result in scurvy; in the 1700’s the British Navy found that oranges and lemons could prevent it. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that it was determined that the beneficial compound was vitamin C!

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