A Perfect New Summer Meal

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Aromatic Fish Curry: Big on flavour but very light and perfect for summer!

Welcome to our latest mouth-watering dish - a beautiful South Indian-inspired fish curry full of big flavours but very light and perfect for summer.

Aromatic Fish Curry has been created by our world class team of chefs and a dietitian, led by Charlotte Miller and Dave Roberts. A generous serve of Blue Grenadier fish coupled with turmeric, tamarind, fresh tomato, coriander and coconut, and served with brown rice.

“I’ve travelled to India a few times,” explains Charlotte, “and have always enjoyed the seafood and fresh flavours of South India where the curries are really tasty but lighter than their North India counterparts. My brother in law, whose family are from Kerala, recently made an awesome fish curry for me, and that inspired us to bring this dish to We Feed You customers!” 

The challenge creating this meal? “It’s the first time we’ve used fresh fish in our We Feed You range. In bringing this meal to life we tested lots of different options to see how the fish freezes and then reheats and serves. Blue Grenadier works really well in this regard. It was then just a question of getting the balance of spices and other flavours right. We are really happy with the final outcome, and keep an eye out for more fish dishes in 2019!”

Aromatic Fish Curry is a complete meal suitable for a healthy lunch or dinner. It also goes great with greens or a garden salad, or fresh shredded raw veggies with a light dressing. And of course a cold beer!

This meal contains onion and garlic. It is suitable for the following diets: pescatarian, gluten free and lactose free.

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