Enjoy The Food, Recycle Everything Else!

Recyclable We Feed You packaging

We care strongly about the environment and work hard to minimise our impact in the kitchen, and through our packaging and delivery choices.

Excess packaging is one of the biggest challenges for home delivered food and meals, and a reason why many customers are switching to We Feed You. We care strongly about the environment and aim to keep our production and packaging waste to a minimum.
1. We choose mostly local produce for our meals, work with local packaging suppliers and provide packaging solutions which are recyclable. 
2. With our meals requiring temperature control during transit, we have sourced sustainable products to ensure your meals arrive frozen whilst minimising our environmental footprint. We have chosen a combination of gel ice packs, insulation bag and outer cardboard box. We have specifically chosen not to use polystyrene as it takes over 500 years to biodegrade and most boxes are single use - ouch!
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Insulated Packaging 
The insulation bags are made from 100% locally sourced materials, 100% locally made and recyclable in soft plastic recycling The insulation bag is efficient due to the metalised layer which acts as a heat barrier combined with the inner bubble layer which acts as an insulating air barrier, reducing heat transfer and conductivity all while also adding a cushioned protection for your meals.

Ice Packs

The gel ice packs are filled with a non-toxic water based salt solution. They are also great to re-use at home - place them in the freezer and re-use as required.
Once you’re finished with the gel ice pack, let the gel ice pack defrost. Simply cut open the bag. Pour the non-toxic solution down the drain, using hot tap water will help dissolve the gel.
Recycle the outer plastic according to your local curbside recycling.
The outer boxes are made from recycled material and are also 100% recyclable via your kerb side recycling. Simply flatten your cardboard box and place it in the paper recycling bin.  

Meal Trays

Our pressed paper board meal trays are made locally in Australia, are microwave and oven safe, and recyclable. Trays should be rinsed before placing in your curbside recycling bin.
The tray has been assessed through the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisations official assessment of packaging recyclability status.  Through this formal process, the Australasian Recyclability Logo, is enabled and the tray can be placed in a domestic or commercial recycle bin for collection and subsequent recycle processing.  The PET liner which provides a lining from the pressed paper board and the food, represents a modest percentage of the overall weight of the tray.  It carries much better environmental credentials than the common CPET (plastic) trays seen in the market and used by many meal providers.
The clear sealing film is non-recyclable and should be placed in the bin after heating your meal.

We Feed You recyclable tray

Outer Sleeve

The outer cardboard sleeves are made locally in Australia and are recyclable.

We Feed You recyclable meal sleeve