We care strongly about the environment and work hard to minimise our impact in the kitchen, and through our packaging and delivery choices.

We choose mostly local produce for our meals, work with local packaging suppliers and provide packaging solutions which are recyclable. 

Insulated Packaging 
Our packaging is environmentally responsible and provides highly effective natural insulation. It enables us to provide a sustainable delivery solution whilst keeping your meals frozen during transit. Your meals will arrive in a sturdy cardboard box with an insulation lining. The outer box is compostable & recyclable.

The insulation lining has an industry grade polyethylene wrap which acts as a protective layer. The outer wrap should be removed and placed in your recycling with other soft plastics. The inner lining is recyclable, compostable and 100% biodegradable; releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.
Meal Trays

Our meal trays are made locally in Australia, are microwave and oven safe, and recyclable. Trays should be rinsed before placing in your recycling bin if they are to be successfully recycled. The clear sealing film is non-recyclable and should be placed in the bin after heating your meal.

Outer Sleeve

The outer cardboard sleeves are made locally in Australia and are recyclable.