Healthy eating for time poor IBS sufferers

How a unique home delivered meal range is helping Australians to beat the bloat.

Are you the one in seven who is all too familiar with the embarrassing and unpredictable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? From uncomfortable flatulence and bloating, to unpredictable constipation and diarrhoea, this common gastrointestinal condition impacts on almost four million Australians.  IBS is known to result in loss of productivity at work, increased sick days, and for many - withdrawal from their lives and social activities.

Making it even more challenging, IBS will often take many years to be properly diagnosed. Essentially being a disorder of the gut nervous system, IBS can be complex, and symptoms will differ markedly from person to person. Whilst it does not have a cure, the good news is, we now have the Low FODMAP diet, based on extensive scientific research and shown to help up to 75% of people control their IBS and get their lives back on track.

We Feed You - one of Australia’s most innovative ready meal providers – saw how much the low FODMAP diet was changing lives, and knew early on that they could be part of the solution for Aussie IBS sufferers.  The answer: a unique range of Low FODMAP ready meals to support people with IBS and other special dietary needs.
With stress a known IBS trigger and mental health disorders like depression and anxiety strongly linked, COVID-19 has created the ‘perfect storm’ for a rise in IBS symptoms and customers needing dietary support. “The Low FODMAP diet can be really tricky to get your head around, and is best undertaken with support and education from a specialist FODMAP trained dietitian. Most ready meals are not suitable for the diet, so having products like the We Feed You Low FODMAP range available can take a lot of the pressure off clients navigating the different stages of the diet” says Marnie Nitschke, specialist gut health dietitian.

About the Low FODMAP diet:

  • The Low FODMAP diet was developed in the early 2000’s by researchers in the Department of Gastroenterology, Monash University, to help people reduce or alleviate symptoms of IBS.

  • Studies here in Australia and around the world have since proven it’s extremely effective for treating symptoms like bloating, pain and altered bowel habit.

  • FODMAPs are fermentable carbohydrates that are more difficult to digest, and can be related to uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms like bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea for those with IBS.

  • Various commonly used foods like onion, garlic, wheat, dairy products and sweeteners like honey are just a few of the many culprits for sensitive individuals.

  • The unique approach involves three distinct steps: the elimination step, followed by structured testing and then reintroduction of FODMAPs, according to individual tolerance.

The Low FODMAP diet is now recommended as a key treatment choice for people diagnosed with IBS around the globe – having success in roughly 75% of people.  We Feed You’s Low FODMAP meal range cleverly side-steps these common problematic ingredients, which are usually popular staples used by most chefs and food producers. So, it’s not surprising that this company has built a cult-like following for their unique brand of sophisticated, high quality meals that pack in flavour without the FODMAPs.

Meet the makers:

100% Australian made and owned, We Feed You launched in Melbourne in 2016, and set out to do things a little differently right from the start.  Headed up by world class chef Dave Roberts and a leading dietitian, their goal was to create great tasty and nutritious meals for busy people - particularly those with special dietary needs. Fast forward to 2021, and this gutsy family business is winning acclaim and thriving with loyal customers all around Australia.

‘Quite simply, our vision is to create healthy ready meals that deliver exceptional flavour and quality, without the “special diet food” stigma. Meals that taste amazing’ says Dave, who heads up We Feed You’s recipe development.

You may recognise Dave’s face from his seven years as Head Chef at iconic Melbourne restaurant MoVida.  Dave's 20+ years of experience are reflected in the diverse and sophisticated flavours across the We Feed You range. 

To help customers recognise the Low FODMAP range, We Feed You have recently teamed up with Monash University to have their meals Monash University Low FODMAP CertifiedTM.  We Feed You is now the first and only ready meal provider in Australia to hold the Monash University certification – meaning their meals can instantly be recognised as being Monash verified Low FODMAP meals.

‘A large percentage of our referrals come from gastroenterologists, GPs and gut health specialist dietitians’ says We Feed You co-founder, Tracey Emney. ‘They know how hard it is for people who are navigating the Low FODMAP diet for the first time, and how stress can exacerbate gut symptoms. Our meals are often part of the initial treatment plan to support clients as they work through the three steps of the diet. Taking the stress out of mealtime also support dietary compliance which leads to better result for clients and practitioners.”

What does the Monash FODMAP certification mean for We Feed You?

‘Quality and peace of mind are our top priorities for our customers’ explains Tracey.  ‘Monash University developed the diet and have helped millions of people world-wide with their ground-breaking Low FODMAP app and certification program.  So teaming up with them to have our meals certified was a logical progression’ she shared.  ‘We’re so proud to be associated with such a trusted authority in the FODMAP space’.

What does it mean to Monash University?

‘It’s fantastic to welcome We Feed You on board as the first and only low FODMAP certified ready meal provider in Australia’ says Professor Associate Jane Muir, Head of Translational Nutrition Science at Monash University.  ‘This large range of nutrient rich meals are such a great support for those following a low FODMAP diet.  It’s exciting to see such innovation here in Australia, from both a taste, convenience and health perspective. It’s also great for our researchers to have access to these meals for our own study groups’.      

We Feed You – Australia’s leading provider of ready meals for people with special dietary needs.

  • Catering for a wide range of diets with approx. 25+ Low FODMAP Monash certified ready meals, all meals are gluten free (made in dedicated gluten free kitchen) plus a large range of lactose free, onion and garlic free, vegetarian and vegan meal options.

  • Home delivered to over 3600 postcodes across Australia (VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, TAS)

  • NDIS meals for self and plan managed participants

  • World class chefs creating exceptional quality and flavour

  • Plenty of whole grain, lean protein and high fibre offerings

  • Microwave and oven friendly packaging. Simply heat for 6 minutes then enjoy

Do you need help managing your IBS symptoms?

If you’re suffering digestive symptoms like bloating, pain, excessive gas and erratic bowel habit, head to your doctor for proper testing and diagnosis.  Seek help from IBS specialists like gastroenterologists and dietitians, and learn more about the Low FODMAP diet through the Monash University website and app.  There’s plenty of support and practical solutions out there for you, and We Feed You are here to help.

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