Okay, so firstly, we know zucchini is a fruit not a vegetable – but c’mon - we’ve never heard of anyone putting it in a fruit salad.  In some parts of the world zucchini is called courgette (so much more glamorous), and it actually originated from central America. ⁣

Most people know that zucchini is healthy (it’s a green vegetable after all), and that it’s low in kilojoules. But did you know it’s rich in folate, B vitamins, as well as C and K, potassium and manganese?  And that dark green skin? You guessed it – antioxidants – the body’s wellness warriors! 

More recently, some bright spark came up with the idea of zucchini noodles, and now it seems everyone’s embracing the zoodle.  Because zucchini is non-starchy, and high in fibre and water, it’s a great stand-in for pasta if you’re trying to watch reduce your carbohydrate portions.⁣
If you’re a zucchini fan, you’ll find it used in heaps of our We Feed You ready meals including the vegan, vegetarian low FODMAP, gluten free, active range and lactose free. Zucchini clearly sticks all the boxes!  Just hit the website, ‘shop all meals’ and type zucchini into the filter. We’re definitely a fan of these babies. ⁣


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