Did you know that the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend we consume a 30g serve of nuts every day? That’s right. Every day! We love nuts, and today we’re talking about almonds. Did you know:

Almonds are a tree nut that contains high levels of dietary fibre, heart-healthy unsaturated fats, protein and calcium. So they pack a punch as a filling and nutritious meal ingredient or snack.

Their skins are particularly rich in polyphenols (antioxidants), that have been shown to reduce inflammation and reduce chronic disease risk.

More recently, research has even shown that the particular prebiotic fibres in almonds have beneficial effects on our gut health – promoting growth and activity of the friendly bugs down there.

We love the crunch and flavour of almonds in cooking, and use them in our Slow Cooked Beef with Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes, and our Saffron Chicken and Rice ready meals.

Head on over to @australianalmonds for loads of foodie inspiration and nerdy nutrition facts.


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