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Charlotte’s expertise as both an experienced dietitian and world class chef is what helps sets We Feed You apart. Many ready-made meal companies resort to ridiculous health claims because they do not know nutrition but they are slick at marketing – think clean eating (does that mean some foods are dirty?), fresh (really with a shelf life of 28 days?) or natural (check their ingredients for the list of hidden nasties!). With Charlotte as a co-owner in our business, a dietitian and a chef, she is 100% committed to the nutritional profile of our meals. Working closely with Dave, Charlotte overseas the development of every meal to ensure there is the right balance of nutrition, satiety, texture and flavour. 

Healthy Ready Made Meals Delivered Melbourne

Charlotte’s experience as a dietitan has shown that many people require an individual approach to their meals. She believes that everyone deserves to eat remarkable and nutritious food which is why we have created a menu that also caters for people with a wide range of food intolerances or special diets. The great thing, our regular customers cannot taste the difference between a Low FODMAP or lactose free meal. The combined skills of our kitchen team, enable them to ensure every meal can be enjoyed by all. 

Healthy Ready Made Meals Delivered MelbourneMeals can be enjoyed by all but we also cater for people on a Low FODMAP diet, coeliacs, lactose intolerant, vegans and vegetarians.

Prior to We Feed You, Charlotte worked in a variety of chef and dietetic roles both locally and overseas. She has cooked and managed the kitchen operations on luxury yachts, launched her very own café and consulting business Food and Joy, and last year took on the role of Nutrition Lead for the Essendon Football Club (who are certainly say the benefits last season!). She is a passionate food and health professional and just loves having her own business to be creative and enable We Feed You customers to enjoy great tasting, guilt free meals. 

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  • Thank goodness for a new attitude to people’s individual dietary needs! I am 81,and suddenly plunged into the world of Fodmap, gluten free and lactose free. Eating out is so messy and I do not want to focus on my needs – and after 57 years of cooking I do like a break sometimes.

    Jennifer Raper on

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