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We Feed You gift vouchers are the perfect gift for the person who has everything or the person who just needs to know you’ve taken time to think about something unique for them. Ideal for the foodie in your family or even the friend who has no idea how to cook. Trust us, we'd be happy to receive a gift voucher ourselves, and they are certainly gifts we've bought for our own family and friends.

Worried about special dietary needs? No worries, we’ve got that covered too.

New baby - flowers are noice but the gift of foods is genuinely appreciated. Tired parents really don’t feel like thinking about what’s for dinner but they need to be eating well to support and nurture the latest little addition to their family. This new little addition that brings so much joy can also bring so much chaos and exhaustion. The gift of nutritious meals that simply need to be heated at any time of the day or night is a welcome gift for all new parents.

Housewarming – they say moving house is one of the most stressful events in life. Having done it multiple times with a young family and no support, I can certainly vouch for that. The gift of great tasting meals that simply need to be heated in a microwave is a gift of love and understanding. Your recipient will be forever grateful. That’s right – forever grateful!

Teacher’s thank you – no more candles, mugs, chocolates or key rings – pitch in together and gift your teacher some nights off cooking. Real food, catering for a wide range of dietary needs. It’s unique, thoughtful, and personalised and the type of gift teachers will enjoy and appreciate the most.

Happy birthday – guaranteed this gift of great food will be used promptly rather than gathering dust in the hall cupboard or regifted. It’s a great way to encourage healthy eating whilst also enabling the recipient to explore flavours from around the globe. A gift of healthy food will be savoured with every mouthful!


The benefit of our gift voucher is that we have a wide range to cater for your different budget needs. It may be a sole gift from one individual or a group of colleagues who all pitch in and but a larger voucher. If you have a specific amount over $200 that you would like added, simply email us and we’ll sort it out


Enjoy 10% OFF gift vouchers and share your love of We Feed You or Kitchen Two ready meals with friends, family, teachers, or colleagues. 

$10 OFF $100 gift vouchers
$15 OFF $150 gift vouchers
$20 OFF $200 gift vouchers
$25 OFF $250 gift vouchers
$30 OFF $300 gift vouchers

VALID for vouchers over $100 until 11.59pm Sun 27th Nov 2022. Limit two vouchers per customer. Add your gift cards to the cart and use the discount code: BLACKFRI10% at the checkout. Not valid in conjunction with any other discount.

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