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1. Great team – we have a team of leading food and nutrition professionals. Many brands say dietitian approved or chef prepared but our chefs and dietitian are co-owners in the business and have over 40 years experience between them. As co-owners they 100% committed to the quality and nutritional profile of our meals and work hard behind the scenes to bring new flavours and ingredients to our menu. Real chefs with a passion for food, world flavours, supporting local and quality ingredients. You’ll taste the difference.


2. Genuinely healthy without any BS! 
We prepare our meals the way we like to eat, and like you would at home: no hidden nasties, plenty of flavour, texture, quality local meat, heaps of veggies and a varied menu. Our meals are mostly low in fat, salt and sugar and are free from added preservatives, fillers, bulking agents and stabilisers. We use ingredients you would find in most home pantries rather than chemicals and numbers. 
Just read our nutrition information panels on our packaging and compare to other ready meals. The shorter the list the better! As a recent happy customer said to us “I am no longer getting horrible night sweats from eating highly processed 'fresh' ready meals.”
Marika Day - dietitian (APD) / nutritionist praising the short and wholefood ingredients list of a We Feed You meal! 


3. Frozen – yes we are loud and proud to bring you frozen ready meals.
“Never eat frozen” from another ready meal brand - what an absolute joke! By using the oldest and most natural form of preserving food - freezing - we don’t need to add gases or preservatives to extend shelf life! Freezing also enables us to lock in the nutrients. Compare this to “fresh meals” which may have a shelf life of 28 days. The question for you is – what additives or techniques are used to keep these meals fresh – gases, preservatives, stabilisers?
Go for frozen and you won’t need to sacrifice on taste, nutrition or quality.
4. Designed for everyone including those on special diets.
We cater for a wider range of dietary needs and food intolerances including vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian, people on gluten free and low-FODMAP diets, fructose and lactose intolerant, and more. We also have an Active Lifestyle range offering higher protein and quality carbohydrates.  


5. Reducing food waste, and looking after the environment. 

We care strongly about the environment and work hard to minimise our impact in the kitchen and through our packaging and delivery choices. We use mainly local produce for our meals and have sourced packaging and delivery products that are recyclable. For example, we use paper board trays for our meals, rather than plastic and cardboard boxes rather than polystyrene - both to help protect the environment.

Both the trays and outer sleeves are also made here in Australia - reducing our environmental footprint and supporting local! 

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