Self Care

Self Care

Guys (and girls)! Self-care is really important. You’ve only got one shot at this life, and well – without sounding like a Loreal commercial - you’re worth it! But here’s a tip:  If your version of self-care is only concentrating on your exterior (based on how you look or what you weigh for example), then it’s missing the point. Real self-care won’t necessarily show visual outcomes. And with that in mind, here’s our three top We Feed You measures for simple self-care:

  1. Prioritising your sleep (top of the list) is one of the simplest but most important ways you can look after yourself. Get to bed at a decent time, and keep a sleep routine – waking and rising at similar hours each day is what our bodies like. Experts tell us that most people need between 7-8 hours of sleep every night, for optimal health and mental function.
  2. Drink plenty of hydrating fluids, which will keep your mind sharp, help keep headaches at bay and ensure your body can carry out all it’s essential functions – especially those related to removing toxins. It might be tap water, or bubbly water (with or without fruit slices or herbal infusions). Whatever it is – six to eight cups per day is about right for most people.
  3. Try to factor in at least 30 minutes each day of down time just for you. It might be a physical activity you love like swimming, walking or taking a yoga class. It might be meditating or having a massage or relaxing on the sun lounge outside after work. It might be listening to a podcast while you sort out your sock drawer, or just watching some mindless TV. We’re not supposed to be superhuman task ticker-offerers 24/7 you know!


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