Probiotics vs prebiotics

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Do you know your prebiotic from your probiotic? These guys are hot topics right now, so it’s a good time to get to know them!

They help to make up our gut microbiome or the friendly gut bugs that live in our digestive system. A good balance of these friendly bugs helps to keep our digestion in check. 

A probiotic is a live organism; it only lives in our digestive system for a number of days and works to support the good gut bacteria in our gut. It is a good idea to consume them regularly to ensure our gut bugs are well supported.

Some good probiotic sources:

- Sauerkraut 

- Kefir

- Yoghurt

- Miso

- Kombucha

Prebiotics on the other hand are a special type of fibre that isn’t digested by the gut, rather it acts as fuel or food for the bugs that live in our gut. Prebiotics also happen to be found in foods that are also higher in FODMAPS, however that doesn’t mean they need to be avoided. Prebiotics are important in our diet and can be consumed in accordance with a low FODMAP diet, some examples include:

- Bananas (unripe = low FODMAP)

- Oats 

- Canned chickpeas

- Beetroot

- Butternut pumpkin 

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