Our Boldest Meal Yet!

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Introducing our boldest meal yet: Wet Rice with Chorizo, Calamari and Fish
Our chef Dave Roberts has really pushed the boundaries with the first of a new concept for you: Limited Edition dishes that really challenges people’s perception of what is possible in a ready-made meal.
This first meal in our Limited Edition range is packed full of flavour and very different to anything else we have created: beautiful full-flavoured fish stock laden with calamari, local Blue Grenadier, chorizo, red peppers and rice.

This combination of a rich red capsicum braise and chorizo with seafood is a well known one in Spanish cooking, and Dave and the team have been working really hard in the kitchen to bring it to life.

“I enjoy cooking this dish at home for friends” explains Dave “and was keen to introduce it to the We Feed You family, and really push people’s perceptions of what is possible in a ready-made meal.”

“It’s taken a lot of hard work to get this dish just right. Perfecting the ratio of chorizo, calamari, fish and rice to stock was probably the biggest challenge. The biggest surprise was the way the dish reheated from frozen and it has opened our eyes to even more interesting dishes in the future”.
We think the We Feed You family will love this meal, particularly if enjoyed with crusty bread and a glass of white wine.
Note: This is a wet rice dish so savour the bountiful fish stock which really is the hero of this dish!
Spanish Wet Rice with Calamari, Fish and Chorizo is suitable for people on a Gluten Free and Lactose free diet.
Shop here. This is a Limited Edition meal so be quick - this meal is only available to be ordered until 30 June 2018 or until stocks last, whichever is sooner!

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