New Year's Resolutions

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There’s lots of talk about setting a New Year’s Resolution at this time of the year, this is an exciting time and perhaps an opportunity to set some goals for the year to come. 

When we think of wellbeing goals at We Feed You, we prefer to think about these in a health related way and avoid setting weight-related goals. Why health instead of weight?

- Firstly, weight is not a reliable indicator of health. Our weight doesn’t tell us what’s going in relation to our fitness, mental health or sleep quality, amongst many other things.

- We can make significant changes to our health that may not necessarily translate to weight loss, for example we can improve our blood sugar levels, run faster, sleep better or reduce our cholesterol without a shift on the scale. 

- Goal setting around walking everyday, running for longer, swimming further or lifting a heavier weight are all things you can keep striving for and adjusting when you make progress. They will also help improve your fitness, strengthen your bones, reduce stress and help you sleep! 

- Focusing on including vegetables at lunch and dinner, eating your 2 serves of fruit, adding a couple of handfuls of nuts a week or making sure you have at least 2 alcohol free days are all steps you can take to improve your diet quality and overall health. 

We think this type of focus is sustainable with the added benefit of making you feel good too! We’d love to hear what you’re striving for this year! 

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