New Goan Beef Curry

New Goan Beef Curry

Due to popular demand our Goan Beef Curry is now available in a share pack. 
This is a slightly sweet curry which is full of flavour. It is made with a delicate blend of spices combined with apple cider vinegar to give an authentic Indian flavour. The meat is then marinated and slow cooked until tender which creates a flavoursome sauce to be soaked up with some accompanying fluffy basmati rice or bread (made at home).  Kale is added to the beef for extra nutrition. 

Whilst this meal is packed with flavour it is a very mild curry so add your own dried or fresh chilli if you are after more heat. 
We recommend serving the Goan Pork Curry with a side of veggies such as peas, steamed broccoli or even our share pack of Tamarind Eggplant Curry. Add a side of cucumber raita or tomato and cucumber salad, fresh lime, coriander, basmati rice and fresh roti, nan or chapattis and you have a curry night that would please even the maharajadhiraja (king of kings). 

This share pack is also suitable for anyone following a gluten free, lactose or dairy free diet.


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