Introducing Inspirational AFLW Star Laura Attard

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What does a typical day look like for you? 

Up at 6am for pilates at 6.30am, then straight to the office from there. Work throughout the day, gym at lunch (on non-AFLW training days), work until 5pm. Go home and walk the dog, prepare for the following day, stretch and roller work for recovery. On AFLW training days there is no pilates, so I can head into the office a little later, work throughout the day, head over to AFLW rooms at 5pm, prepare for training, train between 7-9pm, usually home by 10.30pm, wash my gear for the next day and head to bed.

What are some of the biggest sacrifices you make being a professional sportsperson? 

Spending less social time with friends and family. Particularly because training is often scheduled outside of work hours to accommodate our full-time jobs. This makes catching up and attending social functions very difficult. 

What role does food and eating play in your day to day life? 

It is super important. During AFLW pre-season and season proper the demands on my body change extraordinarily. And as a result, my dietary intake increases. Without adequate and appropriate intake of food and water my body is not able to recover or perform to its optimum level. 

Do you have any specific dietary needs or intolerances? 

I do. I have a gluten intolerance that causes an inflammatory response in my body.

What five foods would you take to your desert island? 

Fresh fruit, Greek Yogurt, Pasta, Chocolate and Roast chicken

How does We Feed You support your lifestyle? 

Balancing work/sport/life is enormously challenging. Having a quick, nutritious and delicious dinner option ready when I get home makes the world of difference. The thing I love the most about We Feed You meals is catering to food intolerances, and the active range that caters for higher kJ, protein and carbohydrate requirements for athletes. At the end of a day, when rest and recovery are so important, We Feed You enables me to walk through the front door and have my dinners options ready and waiting, saving the time required to prepare, cook and wash-up.  

What is your go to Melbourne food/restaurant? 

Second Home or Zen Den in Eltham.

What are you cooking or eating at the moment? 

I cook every Sunday for meal prep for the week. I try to make enough for two meals throughout the work day, as well as a slice for snacks. My go to is generally a poached chicken, brown rice and veg meal, and something like a shepherd’s pie, quiche, risotto or Mexican burrito bowl for the second meal. Then I love making banana and walnut slice for a snack and some chia pudding for desert. Breakfast is always a smoothie with whatever I concoct from ingredients at home. Yogurts and fruit always make an appearance in my day, and dinners at the moment are the very quick, convenient and nutritious We Feed You meals.


To learn more about Laura follow her on Instagram at laura_attard14


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