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From day one, We Feed You challenged the home delivered ready meal offering in Australia. We made a commitment to our customers to provide a BETTER alternative. We knew if we provide something unique our customers would come back time and time again. We also knew they would be happy to share their love of great food with their friends and family! So let's explore what makes us unique:

1. Trusted brand. Our high quality and nutritious ready meals recommended by health professionals and used by universities for dietary intervention studies.

Proof: We all know dietitians and scientists read nutrition labels which is why our customers regularly report that We Feed You meals came highly recommended by their dietitian, gastroenterologist or GP.  They know what's on the inside so they can confidently recommend to their patients. We are also a preferred supplier of ready meals for a number of dietary intervention studies undertaken by universities. 

2. A varied menu with authentic ingredients and clever flavours!

- Proof: our meals are so much more potatoes, peas, corn and carrot. You‘ll you find ingredients that bring health and joy - including grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, lean protein and so much more. 

Meals with quality ingredients


We know that customers have diverse tastes, dietary preferences, and cultural backgrounds. Our diverse menu also encourages our customers to try new dishes or ingredients they would not traditionally cook with at home. This expands their intake of different ingredients helping improve overall health and gut microbiome diversity. Also, by accommodating to various dietary restrictions and preferences, such as:

  • low FODMAP ready meals
  • vegetarian ready meals
  • vegan ready meals
  • gluten-free ready meals
  • lactose-free  ready meals

This ensures that a broader audience can enjoy our meals whilst also allowing our chefs to showcase their expertise and creativity. It demonstrates our chefs versatility and expertise working with a range of ingredients and flavours. 

Low FODMAP middle eastern beef

 3. Exceed customers expectations to built loyalty.

Proof: we regularly get emails and phone calls from customers singing our praises not just for the quality of our food but also the attention to details in our customer service and the value for money.  “I have rediscovered my love of great food“ or “I‘ve got so much time back having access to meals which meets my dietary needs and taste amazing“ "not only is the food great, but the prices are fair and customer service is exceptional." 

Exceeding expectations with our food and customer service creates a memorable experience and these satisfied customers have become loyal brand advocates. They have contributed to the ongoing growth of our business by also giving constructive feedback whilst also actively recommending us to friends, family, and colleagues.

  4. Our commitment to the environment.

Proof: from day one we studied the options us using paperboard trays compared to plastic as we know both options have environmental impacts.  The choice involved considering various factors but we chose a paperboard tray and it was a clear winner. The thought of heavy plastic trays and plastic wrap that sticks to food was never a consideration, we wouldn't want it for our food so we didn't want it for our customers. YUK! 

Some of the considerations we thought through included: 

Raw Materials and Production:

Paperboard trays are typically made from renewable resources like wood pulp, which is biodegradable and usually comes from a renewable source. They generally have a lower carbon footprint during production compared to plastic. 

Plastic trays typically undergo a more energy-intensive manufacturing process compared to paper and can involve significant energy consumption and release of greenhouse gases. The process can also generate various pollutants.


Paperboard trays has been assessed through the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisations official assessment of packaging recyclability status.  Through this formal process, the Australasian Recyclability Logo, is enabled and the tray can be placed in a domestic or commercial recycle bin for collection and subsequent recycle processing.  The PET liner which provides a lining from the pressed paper board and the food, represents a modest percentage of the overall weight of the tray.  It carries much better environmental credentials than the common CPET (plastic) trays seen in the market and used by many meal providers.

Plastic Trays: Many plastic trays are recyclable, but not all types are easily recycled. Some plastics can be downcycled, meaning the quality of the material degrades during the recycling process. 

Waste Management:

Paperboard Trays: We considered some customer may not bother to rinse and recycle and either way end up as landfil waste.  If not recycled we believe paper will break down more quickly than plastic and therefore a much better choice.

Plastic Trays: If not recycled, plastic trays can persist in landfills and oceans, contributing to environmental pollution.

Energy Use:

Paperboard Trays: Generally require less energy to produce compared to plastic.

Plastic Trays: Higher energy requirements for production, contributing to a larger carbon footprint.

In summary, we recognised that both paperboard trays and plastic trays have environmental pros and cons. We considered many factors such as resource renewability, recyclability, biodegradability, and overall environmental impact and paperboard trays came out as a clear winner! Additionally, we know that advancements in sustainable materials and recycling technologies continue to evolve and we are always on the look out for even better options in the future.


In essence, We Feed You prioritise the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials where possible and we aim to reduce the amount of waste generated in our kitchen. Also, by choosing frozen meals we can order ingredients to specific batch sizes which generates minimal waste and gives our customers more time to use their meals which also reduces waste in the home. 

We encourage our customers to participate in recycling programs and promote the use of packaging materials that can be easily recycled such as cardboard boxes rather than polystyrene. Additionally, we explore closed-loop systems where the materials used in our packaging can be recycled and repurposed - our ice packs are a good example.  The skips at our kitchen which are used to take away waste are differentiated between waste and recyclable materials.

Recycle packaging

We adopt a minimalist approach to packaging design, aiming to use only the necessary amount of materials to protect and preserve the meals.

We believe in the importance of raising awareness among our customers about the environmental impact of packaging. Through labelling and communication, we seek to educate our customers on proper disposal methods, recycling practices, and the benefits of choosing products with eco-friendly packaging.

We collaborate closely with our suppliers to source packaging materials that align with our commitment to environmental sustainability. This involves working with suppliers who share our values and are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible packaging solutions. We regularly assess and reassess our packaging choices, seeking new innovations and technologies that further reduce our environmental impact. 

By incorporating these principles into our approach to packaging, we strive to operating as a socially and environmentally responsible business. 

5. We stand by the quality of our product and rely on customers to share the love.

Proof: many ready meal brands have moved to outsourcing production to huge bulk manufacturers. They immediately compromise quality and our customers have reported they can taste the difference. We Feed You are about small batch cooking using quality local produce and making meals by hand with real chefs, not machines.

The quality of our ingredients combined with the capability of our kitchen team ensures a consistent and reliable product. Word on mouth referrals is our biggest source of marketing which means we can spend more on your meals. Thanks for spreading the word!

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