Luke Breust: Food and Life

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1. What does a typical day look like for you?

Normally up around 630 to walk our dog and get a coffee. Home to have some breakfast and then head to the club. Train in the morning and once we come off the track we are all looking for an early lunch. Our afternoon program usually consists of weights, physio, massage and some recovery. Home for an afternoon snack and to chill out on the lounge. Then it’s off to the dog park and home to cook dinner. We have a few TV series on the go at the moment so might watch a few episodes have a cup of tea and off to bed.

2. How would an ideal day look for you?

Days off are my favourite. Bit of a sleep in, up to have breakfast and grab a coffee on the way to the golf course. Have lunch after the round at the course and then hop in the car and head down to the beach for a swim and relax. Drive home, take our dog to the park and then prepare dinner early. Have a feed and then a nice chilled night on the couch.

3. Is football just one part of your life or is it all consuming?

It’s definitely just one part. Although it can be consuming finding a balance is important for me. University, leisure sports and family provide this balance for me. I’m doing a Bachelor of Commerce, love my golf and surfing and always find time to catch up with family.

4. What are some of the biggest sacrifices you make being a professional sportsperson?

Missing important family and friend commitments ie: engagement parties, birthdays, funerals. Eating and drinking what you want when you want.

5. What role does food and eating play in your day to day life?

Food plays a huge role for me as it gives me the energy to get through the days demands. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so that kick starts my day perfectly. Lunch is always straight after training/exercise so that helps replenish my body and then dinner is just as important to help me recovery over night ready for the next day.

6. What five foods would you take to your desert island?

Milo, pasta, Sushi, steak and Monte Carlo’s

7. How does We Feed You support your lifestyle? 

We Feed You supports my lifestyle by providing a quick, easy and healthy option for those nights you get home late and don’t have anything prepared. They also help when either myself or my girlfriend is out and you are cooking for one.

8. What is your go to Melbourne food/restaurant?

To change things up we love a Korean BBQ. Mrs Kim’s Korean bbq is a favourite.

9. What are you cooking or eating at the moment?  

My partner has just started eating seafood. So we have been trying to eat fish at least once a week. Such an easy meal to cook and it goes with anything. 

10. If you could have your very own 24/7 private chef, what would you be eating?

Set nights of these cuisines. Japanese, Korean, BBQ, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Spanish 

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