Local Australian Artist

Local Australian Artist

Actinotus helianthi, otherwise known as flannel flower  


A trained arborist blossoming into an artist, Ge used to spend her days climbing and pruning trees.  These days she is more interested in capturing on paper her favourite Australian branches and blossoms.  After having her first child, Ge hung up her chainsaw and steel capped boots in favour of ink and some decent watercolour paper. 

Ge finds inspiration when she is immersed in her impressive coastal environment.  Those moments to indulge in the beautiful bits on display along her daily trails often stop her in her tracks.  An appreciation for May Gibbs and Margaret Preston reconnect Ge with strong memories of wild childhood roaming, with images of banksia men and those squishy gum nut babies.  Snatching up a rare moment alone to become completely absorbed in the intricacies of Australian flora, Ge attends to the unfurling of enthusiasm for her art, for flowering gums and banksia seed pods, a phenomenon that is beyond her comprehension and all of which makes her heart sing. 

Printing and Framing 

Artworks are printed on archival textured cotton rag 310 gsm art series acid free paper, manufactured by Ilford. The paper is acid free made from 100% cotton. The ink is Epsom archival pigmented in dark sepia. Frames are made locally from Tasmanian Oak sourced sustainably in Victoria.
You can see more of Ge's work on Instagram @billybuttonsart 


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