Legumes - the plant powerhouses

Legumes - the plant powerhouses

Do you love legumes? Or maybe you’d like to learn to love lentils? 

Data shows that not many of us are eating enough of these plant powerhouses, which is a shame because they have many health benefits! Legumes are nutrient rich, a source of fibre and most are low GI.

These important nutrients ensure lentils offer many benefits, including assisting in blood sugar control, a protective effect against some cancers – bowel, breast, lung and prostate cancers, as well as supporting our heart health by lowering cholesterol levels. 

If you’re getting started with legumes, the canned variety is a great way to start! Canned varieties of lentils and beans are not only cheap and convenient, but also a great source of plant protein. Try and select salt reduced varieties and rinse your legumes before eating.

The Heart Foundation recommends we eat them twice a week along with a varied diet. So how do you include more legumes in your diet?

- Halve the meat in your Bolognese and replace with canned brown lentils

- Add a can of chickpeas to your curry 

- Add lentils to a pilaf or grain salad

- Make black bean burgers 

- Make some falafels 

- Add some chickpeas to a toasted sandwich or wrap (trust me!)

- Add some lentil based We Feed You meals to your next order. Think Pumpkin and Lentil Dahl or Goan Pork Curry with Lentils and Rice.


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