Join Us In the Middle East!

Join Us In the Middle East!

NEW! Middle Eastern Spiced Beef with Goats Cheese, Veggies, & Rice

Imagine taking a mouthful of tender beef mince and indulgent goat’s cheese combined with a complex mix of traditional Middle Eastern spices; sumac, cinnamon and coriander.  The beef is served with green beans, fennel, carrot, red capsicum, pine nuts and brown rice then finished with a touch of lemon, chilli, fresh mint and parsley to bring freshness and overall balance.

This creation is new to the We Feed You menu and is Charlotte's unique take on traditional Lebanese Beef Kibbeh.  Melbourne and Sydney both have a rich heritage of beautiful Lebanese cooking, and Charlotte was inspired to recreate the Kibbeh through her own eyes, with a fresh, modern twist and flavours that are new to our menu.

This creation took Charlotte, supported by Dave and the team, a month to perfect. The challenge? Ensuring the overall balance of the dish with the green beans and goats cheese offsetting the heavy spices and acidity of the lemon.
This meal is light on the stomach but packed full of flavour. It’s perfect on its own or for a perfect Middle Eastern Feast combine with pan grilled flat bread dipped in olive oil.

This dish is suitable for the following diets: Gluten free, Low FODMAP, onion and garlic free.

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