Defrosting Food Safely

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Ever wondered how to freeze/defrost/refrigerate your foods? Well fortunately at We Feed You we’ve taken a lot of the guessing game out of these tasks. Our meals can go straight from the freezer into the microwave or oven, how easy is that!
The correct place to defrost food is the fridge, leaving food to defrost on the bench leads to the external parts of food reaching a warmer temperature, allowing for potential bacterial growth, which can make us sick.
Remember foods need to be kept cold at below 4 degrees or heated to above 65 degrees, food taken out of the oven/microwave/stove or the fridge need to be eaten within 2 hours or placed back in the fridge. Food at these temperatures for between 2-4 hours can be eaten however it should not be stored again and food at these temperatures for longer than 4 hours should not be eaten.

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  • Best ever food for onion and garlic allergies. My husband lives on these weekly especially during the work week. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Prue Barry on

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