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Part 2

How do I get tested for coeliac disease?

Following from last week's blog where Marnie discussed Could you have coeliac disease? this week she explores how to get tested and if you test positive, what next? 

Checking for coeliac disease is as simple as having a screening blood test, to look for specific autoimmune markers in your blood.  It’s important to have this test while you’re still eating gluten, for an accurate result.  So please don’t try to self-diagnose and remove wheat or gluten before talking to your doctor. 

If you’ve already removed or cut down drastically on wheat, talk to your doctor about genetic screening, and undertaking a gluten challenge if necessary.  

If your screening test is positive, your doctor will organise a gastroscopy with a small bowel biopsy, to be certain about the diagnosis and assess the degree of damage. No one should be following a lifelong strict gluten free diet just on a blood test or a ‘hunch’.

Yikes! I’ve just been diagnosed with coeliac disease.  What next?

Okay, don’t panic!  It’s going to take some time for this diagnosis to sink in, and for you to learn all the ins and outs of the gluten free lifestyle.  Plenty of help is at hand.

Join Coeliac Australia – an amazing Australian network providing support, practical assistance and advice for those needing a gluten free diet for medical reasons.

Book in to see a coeliac specialist dietitian, for an individual consultation specific to you, and your unique health issues.  Dietitians can provide invaluable assistance in the form of gluten free education, meal planning, cooking and navigating the GF diet out in the world.  (Dietitian's Australia has a search function to find a dietitian near you.)

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease can pretty overwhelming. We Feed You meals are a great back up for the freezer without the brain drain of cooking and reading labels constantly!

We Feed You has two separate kitchens including one dedicated to preparing gluten free meals.  These kitchens do not share any physical space or cooking equipment, and the gluten free kitchen only contains gluten free ingredients – reducing any cross contamination risks. For additional peace of mind, We Feed You have an independent Food Safety consultant who works closely with team and has written their food safety plan. 

Check the We Feed You range of gluten free meals here > https://www.wefeedyou.com.au/collections/gluten-free-meals

Need to know more about the gluten free lifestyle?  In Part 3 of this series you'll learn more about where gluten is found, and what a gluten free diet really looks like. Read here >


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