Carrots: Not As Dull As You Think!

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Author: Dave Roberts: Chef and Co-Director We Feed You. 

A good friend of mine, a farmer, once told me it is extremely hard to grow a straight carrot in natural soil. If you ever find a true Organic small batch carrot grower and look at their carrots then you will certainly understand what I am talking about.

Carrots low FODMAP, gluten free, home delivered ready made meals, vegetarian, veganCarrots are an all year round grower. They are a root vegetable and although we commonly think of carrots as orange, the first carrots ever grown were purple, red and yellow varieties. These varieties are making somewhat of a comeback in the restaurant industry as they are seen to be Heritage Varieties.

Carrots can be used in many ways in both commercial kitchens and the home. You can roast, steam, puree and even fry carrots. My favourite way of preparing them is to utilise all the natural sweetness a carrot has. I first dress the carrot in vinegar and oil, then roast them until tender. I then toss them through some toasted fennel seeds, cumin seeds and some fresh mint. Delicious! You can also add some yoghurt to finish if that suits. 

Carrots are versatile in the kitchen when catering for allergies and intolerances. They are a low FODMAP vegetable and you will find vegetarians and vegans use them in a number of weird and wonderful ways utilising their natural sweetness and bright colours. 

Keep an eye out for our new Carrot and Tofu dish coming soon! A great addition to your stash of We Feed You Ready-Made Meals in your freezer. 












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