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The team at We Feed You are all passionate about food and nutrition plays an integral role in the development of our meals. We all enjoy exploring new restaurants and the local Melbourne food scene. Tracey, one of the Co-Owners at We Feed You recently took her husband Mark to O.MY for his birthday and was blown away by the quality of the food and their unique dining experience. They saw many parallels between the food philosophy of O.MY and We Feed You - using fresh seasonal produce, sourcing local suppliers, minimising waste and catering for a wide range of food intolerances with creativity and flair! 

O.My restaurant

Shortly afterwards Tracey spoke to the three Bertoncello brothers who run O.MY to learn more about their inspiration and food philosophy. 


1. Tell us a little about O.MY?  What was your motivation for establishing O.MY?

O.MY is the story of three Bertoncello brothers who, with very limited resources, set about realising their dream to open a restaurant in their local area. The brothers located the perfect place in Beaconsfield, once a humble butcher’s shop, and after a lot of hard work transformed it into a 25-seat restaurant. Head chef, Blayne Bertoncello, inspired by what is currently available in their garden, masterfully crafts his dishes around the fresh, seasonal produce grown by the team at a nearby farm. Since its opening in 2013, the now hugely popular restaurant is a destination for diners from near and far to visit O.MY for an exceptional dining experience. 

2. Tell us about your food philosophy?

At O.MY our food philosophy comes from respect for the earth, for what we grow and our commitment to sustainability and minimal waste. We are passionate about growing and using fresh, seasonal produce and sourcing other ingredients required by the restaurant from local suppliers. Pickling, preserving and dehydrating excess fruit, vegetables, flowers and much more also ensure we have minimal waste.We have established a large garden at a nearby farm in Cardinia to grow the produce for the restaurant and are passionate and dedicated to quality in our garden as well as our restaurant.The entire O.MY team is involved in the process and our chefs visit the farm several times a week to pick for the restaurant straight from the earth. 

O.My Cardina farm

3. What can diners look forward to this week?

Diners this week can look forward to a more vegetable based menu, the farm is extremely productive this time of the year with so many fresh ingredients.

4. How do you cater for people with allergies and dietary intolerance?

Our approach is to try and achieve the same experience for the person with the dietary intolerances to the one without.  We go and harvest specifically for our vegetarian and vegan menus, which makes the menu completely different from the regular menu. Rather than doing a risotto or some standard dish that is usually served to those with an intolerance we go out of our way to make the experience special for everyone.  In terms of all other dietary requirements, we take them very seriously.
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