Breastfeeding and nutrition

Breastfeeding and nutrition

To all the breastfeeding mums out there – we just want to say: You’re all amazing, and doing a great job!

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Do you stress about your diet, and wonder whether it’s adequate for you and your baby’s needs? Well this might help.

Expert dietitians tell us that breastfeeding doesn’t require a 'perfect' diet. Mostly, our bodies are really clever at producing top notch nutrition for babies, and will do regardless of what you’re eating (even in situations when food is scarce, mothers are able to breastfeed and their babies thrive).

Of course though, your diet is important for your own health and energy levels – so do take care to eat often, and from a wide variety of the ‘core’ food groups in the Australian dietary guidelines: fruits, vegetable and legumes, meat and alternatives, dairy and alternatives and breads and cereals.

There are some key nutrients needed by babies, that can be affected when mum’s intake is inadequate, and these include iodine and vitamin B12. Calcium is another nutrient in high demand during breastfeeding, that many women struggle to meet their requirements for.

Is your food intake limited in variety due to intolerance, allergy or other issues? Are you concerned about your diet and breast milk supply? The best bet is to consult an Accredited Practising Dietitian for expert individualised advice.
Want to know more about iodine needs? Visit for the lowdown.


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