Balance - what does it mean?

Balance - what does it mean?

When you think of nutritional balance, you picture a set of scales – right? Or a balanced plate of food with lots of veggies, some protein and carbs. After all, nutrition is all about eating the right foods in the right ratios, to give your body the ingredients it needs. Sounds pretty right … But hang on ...

What about your mind? Your senses? Surely nourishing your body is about more than just macro and micronutrients. Our bodies aren’t just machines that need fuel! We’re complex and emotional creatures who can taste and derive pleasure and comfort from food. 

At We Feed You, we think that nutritional balance is about more than just making sure you eat your veggies. We think it’s important to feel connected to food, and to eat not just for the nutrients but also for the amazing flavours, interactions and experiences that food can bring. Sometimes, balance is about letting go of nutrition prescriptions and just eating for pleasure, connectedness and creating fabulous memories.

Next time you’re heating and eating one of our nutritionally balanced meals, we’d like you to know that it comes to you with love. It was hand prepared by our talented chefs in our Melbourne kitchen. We hope it makes your day a little bit easier, and nourishes you in more ways than one.


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