Take a Fresh Look at Frozen Meals!

Yes, we are going to keep talking about this because like you, we cringe when we see fake news put out by ignorant marketers, and we know our customer's love facts without the spin.

You've all seen the phrases "never eat frozen again" or "fresh - not frozen" or “fresh is best”. But do you ever see this type of spin backed up by science? No. Because, the evidence shows that frozen can be just as fresh or in many instances fresher than fresh – now that’s a mouthful! 

So freezing locks in the nutrients and the reason we have chosen to deliver all our meals to you frozen. We know it is the most natural approach to preserving food and helps you to eat according to your appetite right at the moment you are choosing your meal. There is no need for added preservatives, pumping your meals with gases or taking all the air out and tightly wrapping it with plastic. No. Just fresh, whole food ingredients cooked, then frozen to lock in the nutrients and prolong shelf life.

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