Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

It’s Monday, the start of a new week and a new you! You’re going to stop eating sugar, start meal planning, exercise every day, cut out alcohol, get up an hour earlier, ride to work, eat more fish, plant your veggie garden and slash your screen time (sound familiar?).

Trying to overhaul your life and ‘fix’ everything at once is probably the most common mistake, according to dietitians. Why? Because despite your best intentions, placing too much pressure on yourself and making too many changes at once is a perfect recipe for a crash landing.   

Humans are complicated – right ? And life is pretty full on – is it not? So the best way to really make positive changes to your diet or lifestyle is NOT to run at this ‘self improvement’ thing at full pelt, clutching a rigid rule book. Small, achievable goals that resonate with you are the best recipe for success:

This week: We Feed You challenges you NOT to go out all guns blazing. Instead, how about choosing a few small, achievable goals that resonate with you, and doing your best to incorporate them into your week.

- It might be to get to the gym / yoga studio / pool / ride to work three times

- It might be to give the Tim Tams / Crispy Kremes / hot chips a miss this week

- It might be to cook a vegetarian meal and two fish meals this week

- It might be to plan and pack your lunch every day this week

- It might be to eat five vegetable serves every day

You get the picture. Choose a few small things to change each week, and before you know it, you’ll be living and eating healthier. We promise!


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